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Grandpa's Goodbye


I am not psychic, however through my years, I have experienced many things I would consider psychic in nature. I'd like to share one of those experiences with you, the reader.

I have been incredibly blessed throughout my lifetime. My grandfather and I had a very special bond as I grew up. He was a gentle, kind and loving grandfather. He was stern when we needed it, and joked and played when we needed that. I would spend weeks at a time during school breaks with him and grandma. They were wonderful times. My family was blessed to have five generations alive, (both sides), for about 5 years. What I mean is that My grandfather lived until my oldest grandchild was 5 years old. I was blessed to have him until I was 40.

When grandpa turned 90, he suffered a stroke he just couldn't fight back from. He was in a hospital for a few weeks. His whole family was around all the time. All of us wanted him to have his peace. He asked my father to take him home. "Anything you want Pop", my dad told him. My parents, along with my aunt, had a hospital bed set up in his bedroom so that things would be easier for him and those taking care of him.

It was August and my husband and I always vacation at the river and had already booked a hotel. I spoke to my parents, my grandmother about keeping my plans and going on vacation, or should I stay home. I would be 5 hours away by car and was concerned that if something were to happen with grandpa, I wouldn't be close. They all convinced me that Gramps would want me to go, especially since Gramps and I shared a love of the river. We'd fished and swam together often. We had a large family and he wouldn't be alone. So off my husband and I go.

On the third evening my husband and I had gone to the hotel room to turn in for the night. It was around 10pm. I don't remember too much about falling asleep, but what I do remember, was just before I woke up.

I was not fully asleep, and I was not awake. I was not in the hotel room. I was at a place, a place that felt so peaceful and safe. It felt like some sort of depot. At this place was my grandfather. My grandfather and a Being. We were standing on a platform and all around us was dark, blackness with prisms of light flashing ever where. The Being with my grandfather was made of light, and pure bright energy. I knew the Being was taking my grandfather with him. I knew this. I began to cry and looked at my granpa and said "Granpa, please don't go." He looked at me and simply said "It's OK Terri." I looked at the Being. I looked deep at this Being. I knew that it was ok. I just knew. Crying a little harder, I looked back at Grandpa and said, "Ok, Grandpa. You can go."

They left.

The next thing, my husband is asking me what is wrong and why did I tell Grandpa he could go? I sat up in the bed crying so hard. I grabbed my husband and said that I knew Grandpa was gone. That he had just come to tell me goodbye.

My husband held me for a while. We had looked at the clock, it was 7:15 am. We decided to get up and go get something to eat and go for a walk. We had come back to the room at about 10:30am and when we walked in the message light on the phone was blinking. I phoned for messages and discovered I had five. The first was from one daughter, "Mom, call home, I have some news." The second was another daughter, almost the same message. The third from yet another daughter. The fourth from my mother and finally the fifth was daughter number one again only this time, "Mom, call home. Grandpa died this morning."

Although I already knew, I cried some more. I had phoned my mother and she told me that Grandpa had died at around 7:10 am that morning and he was surrounded by his entire family, except for me.

I feel so blessed that my Grandpa came to tell me goodbye. I feel so blessed to have met what I believe to have been my Grandfather's Spirit Guide. They shared an incredible experience with me and I am go grateful.

I know that this story is long, thank you for taking the time to read it. I felt compelled to share this with you.

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SpiritEnergy (4 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-23)
Thank you all for your nice comments and for reading my story. I do appreciate it.
emofuturewatcher22 (3 stories) (18 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-22)
your story was so compelling it almost made me cried. As the tears welled in my eyes I saw as I read that both you and your grandpa showed a very very strong bonded relationship. But thnak you for the nice compelling story I really in joyed it.
epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-21)
Hello there
I also cried a lot silently when I had dreamed of my grandmother's reenactment view before she died of sickness due to diabetes (She died while she was sleeping vomiting a white fluid that came out in her mouth). She had also visited in a dream while I was sleeping in the past. 😨 😭 😢
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
14 years ago (2010-01-21)
Thank you for sharing such a nice story. It reminds me after my grandmother died. I mourned her for a long time until one night she came to me in my sleep and told me how happy she was and it was time for me to move on. Though I still miss her, I don't suffer the mourning part. That was many years ago but I'll never forget it.


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