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After Grandpa's Death I Don't Know What I'm Experiencing


My husband's grandfather passed away last week and ever since then, I have not felt the same. I have been feeling more anxious, nervous, uneasy. He was old and had health problems, and I guess it was his time to go. His heart stopped pumping and he passed away in his sleep at home. We currently live with my husband's parents right now because we are waiting for our new home to be finished with renovations.

That night, everyone fell asleep early which is unusual. People are always up. Why everyone fell asleep early that night I have no clue. Around midnight, his mom yelled out and my husband woke up. I was still sleeping at the time. Then my husband woke me up and said he thinks grandpa has passed. I felt like I was dreaming. My vision was foggy and I felt like my soul came out of my body. Right before his mom yelled, my husband dreamt that he was falling from the sky. A good friend of mine who has psychic abilities told me that I may have felt like I was dreaming through out the whole thing because I felt the angel of death in the home.

It has been a few days since his passing, and I feel uneasy. I know his grandfather's not a bad spirit and wouldn't do any harm. 2 nights ago, the phone line that his grandparents use started ringing at 3 AM. No one knows that phone line except family. The phone rang 4 times and it sounded like someone was trying to send a fax. The phone has never done that before. Ever. No fax line is hooked up either.

He wasn't my grandfather, but I miss him dearly. I don't know how to shake this feeling off. I never felt uneasy like this before. There is another person in the same house who does have a bad energy around her. She is deceiving and our energies just clash I think. Do you think because her negative energy is present and also maybe his grandfather's energy is clashing or something? I am very sensitive to people's energy and I read people very well. I am aware of all of my surroundings the instant I walk in anywhere. I wish that I knew how this uneasiness will go away and I know it is attributed to his passing. I feel like there is a presence in the home, a good and a bad one. I don't know why there would be a bad presence since his grandfather was a gentle, caring man. His funeral is in a few days and maybe that will give me some closure. Can anyone help?

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