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Hearing Voices


It's been going on forever I feel so much bad stuff happened to me I've been hit by a car, almost kidnapped, what I dream comes true. I'm getting this cold feeling on my crown chakra. And hearing voices this voice is mean and tells me to do things. I've read that this is something that many people go through. At times I feel drained. But the voices keeps getting louder. I meditate but it hasn't stopped I was wondering anyone have any ideas how to communicate, with nice ones like my spirit guides and my angels. I just feel like I'm going crazy but that's not the case. So I've read, I pray and I've always believed as a little girl i'm a born healer and my mom just told me she dream me before she got perggo and my boyfriend say the same thing. I know I have a gift that god wants me to use but how can I bypass, the voices I remember it started a child but didn't stay long and it was many voices talking this time. It's one mean one a nice one comes some times to remind me god loves me and not to listen to him but sadly, the nice one leaves the mean one stays help. Please because I don't know what to do the voices get worse every day. I feel lost and confused my dad doesn't believe I was a born healer he says it's not what god would want me to do and its not from god. But he also went through what i'm going through so I don't understand. What he is saying. He used to understand me but now I say he doesn't know me I just want nicer voices and not mean and telling me to hurt myself. I don't understand why this is happening to me.

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Joni437 (guest)
7 years ago (2013-08-10)
Hi there,

I gave the same recommendations just minutes ago to 2 other people, please review the post listed by:

Can I Help My Daughter With Them? By spradlin09

Pls. Read my replies, about 3 of them... Take the time and practice them, always keeping in mind selfless service to others, loving yourself, loving others unconditional as well... And keeping any nasty thought form from your mind, as much as you can try.

Trust our Good soverign God/Source, that these things will become a thing of the past, for now take care of you and others. Love is free.

Peace be to you and your surroundings, No Harm to None ❤
Nicole_19 (2 stories) (24 posts)
7 years ago (2013-08-10)
Hey, I want to try and help you! Please contact me! I have my email set on my profile page =]

May God Bless you!
mgeekafus (7 posts)
7 years ago (2013-08-09)
Please don't be offended. I'm only going on what you've posted. Have you been tested for Schizophrenia? I only ask because I work in mental health and a lot of my patients report hearing similar voices, intensity and all.

I am also a paranormal investigator and an Indigo. I believe that many gifted people are confused with having a mental disease. I've also watched gifted people develop a psychosis due to their inability to cope/make sense of their experiences.

I feel my comment hasn't been very helpful, and I'm sure you've probably heard it all before. I can say from personal experience that my gift often leaves my thoughts screaming because I'm constantly processing 3 realms worth of stimuli all at the same time. I understand being called "weird" or "crazy". It took a full psychoanalysis and specific genetic testing in order for me to be comfortable with what I am. Also, you may want to look into finding a comfortable place for meditation or a supportive place of worship.

Peace & Love

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