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Unknown Figure


I had a dream last night based in my grandparents house. In reality, my grandparents passed away last year (grandfather passed away due to lung cancer and grandmother passed away due to kidney failure etc,). Me and my family was sitting down and talking about something I don't recall. All of a sudden my family decided to leave the house to go to the store. I was in the back of my grandparents house when I heard the sound of a hair dryer. I walked to the kitchen and saw a bible on the floor and a hair dryer. The pages to the bible was wet and the hair dryer was in front of the bible to dry the pages. I turned off the dryer and was looking at the pages in the bible. Then I noticed in the doorway to the kitchen stood a 7 or 8ft figure with a black robe. I did not see its face, hands or feet. I kept telling myself its a demon. I hid underneath my grandparents table and tried to pray in the dream but I kept messing up my the prayer. Whatever it was, I was so scared it would snatched me away.

The dream really worried me because I told my family about it and my sister said it could have been the angel of death and my dad said it could be a warning. If anybody can tell me what the dream meant I would be so happy. I also had a dream a long time ago about carrying Christ ashes in an urn and there was a voice that told me not to trip and spill anything. I ended up tripping on a piece of wood that was sticking out of the floorboards and the ashes was all over the floor. I was crying hysterically in that dream. If anyone can tell me about that one let me know.

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