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Seeing My Grandpa After His Passing


I'm not going to write a novel because I don't have the patients to type anything lengthy, but I'll briefly explain what I have experienced. When my grandpa was on his death bed when I was just a little kid, he would say he saw stuff and he kept on telling my family to lock up their valuables, obviously he didn't trust them, he seemed a little scared too, so I was told. Anyhow, I was really close to him, and it's strange how I started to see these things later on after he passed away, and the first thing I saw was him. I was looking through his office he use to work in, and when I started to walk out the door I noticed him just standing there, he was smiling at me, I wasn't too sure what to do, but I couldn't help but to smile back. I eventually had more experiences like these, but with random "people" whom I did not know who they were, but I did have some experiences like I saw some white figures around me. My first thought was angels, I honestly thought that they were first angels, however I do not know if that's what they were or not. Later on down the road everything just started to vanish which saddens me a lot. I think that the last thing I saw was a pair of glowing red eyes looking at me while I was in bed one night, and that frightened me. I often times would here some whispers as if they were right next to my ears saying my name. I often and still can guess something will happen and it will happen. Why can't I see anything anymore, why can I predict stuff? I need help.

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blackrose193 (1 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2012-07-03)
i am able to predict things too. I used to have access to the paranormal, but I don't have that ability anymore either. I think the best you can do is to not wait for them to come to you, if you feel like anything is there (it should be a good feeling, not a bad feeling) ask them to show themselves or to talk to you. The only way for you to keep psychic abilities is to keep doing it and practicing. I do exercises to master predicting the future. Its flipping a coin. Before you flip the coin, you try to predict (not guess) if the coin will land on heads or tails. You tally how many times you are right or wrong. You do this every day, and you get better at predicting anything. ❤

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