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9 Year Old Grandson Seeing Shadow People


My grandson finally admitted to his mom today that he has been seeing both shadow people and spirits that apparently have not passed. Ever since hearing about this today, I have been googling my head off and found this site. The shadow figures he describes are exactly as I read about them online. Today he made his mom aware that he is also seeing older people dressed in older fashioned clothes. I hope this post is read by someone who could guide me on what to do.

My grandson does have adhd but due to side effects we elected not to medicate him, but based on what he has told us, I'm not ready to share this with a head doctor. Please any advice on children/shadow people and spirits that have not passed would be greatly appreciated.

My grandson told his Mom today that this has been going on since he was five (he is now 9), but was afraid to come out and say anything. This all came out in school today and when they arrived home and drove into the driveway and got out of the car, Hunter froze and started crying. His Mom said, "What's wrong Hunter?" Hunter said, "Don't you see that man staring out the window of the home across the street?" His mom of course said no, and Hunter said, "You see, that is why I never told you."

This was a person described to be greyish in color bald head and an older gentleman.

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PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-24)
This is a late post but I decided to since ge would be around my age
1st Belive him abd adhd probaly means hes an indigo like me
2nd Tell him to meditate
3rd Teach him how to shield
4th Tell him to tell thim to leave him alone and they probaly will
5th Tell him to read the bible and pray
mazab84 (2 stories) (71 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-15)
There has to be a place for the minors too I guess. I just tend to be non judgemental & leave them too it & swerve their stories that I find utterly unrelatable. But if they are on posts commenting & tying every little detail of the posters experience & spouting things that are not positive & has no relevence you just go into damage limitation. Other young kids on here can be very lost & don't come into it with any mythical beliefs, these are the ones i'll try to help before they are lost in the garbage. I would also never enter into a verbal trade off with them. Its not worth my time & energy that would be best spent elsewhere.
Zin (guest)
12 years ago (2012-11-15)

I know, I also spend a majority of my time on another psychic website, where the age limit is 18 and above (Most there are actually about 30-60 years old and pros. They all find this demon gaurdian/spirit guide/whatever and element control stuff, fictional. A result of an overactive imagination and too much cartoons.
rachelle_g (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-14)
Why are there so many minor children on this website? It's ridiculous!
glaiden (7 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-17)
as for the entities or ghosts they can't harm. But I'm not so sure about the black shadows. I have a friend that has been actint wierd the past few years. He's been getting really angry at the smallest things. Me being a lil empathic I sensed somthing dark in him. I always got this weird feeling when I was around him. That he was just goin to snap one day. And just like I thought it did, but he snapped on someone he loved. But he had just started opening up to us. He's been seeing the black cloud people and they talk to him. But not about good things. He said that they keep telling him to do things that he doesn't want to do. He is a raely honest perosn and knowone has knew him as being a liar. So I believe him. So just be careful, and be rational, even if the sistuation isn't.
MidnightBlueSwan (8 stories) (134 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-01)
Seeing the spirits of people who have not passed away yet is quite normal, and it brings no harm to them. But I must warn you, the shadows that your grandson is seeing, have the ability to harm people. Once they pushed me down the stairs. But I'm not trying to scare you. Some of them are really nice though. And some are just plain weird. They are almost like people, but they're not. They are not spirits. But don't be alarmed, as long as your grandson doesn't befriend the wrong ones.

~Love and you will be loved
LouraFriend (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-29)
Hey Lyro,

No offense taken:). While I do believe in Guardian Angels, and I do believe I saw an angel once, I have never prayed or communicated with them in any way. I pray to God only, and I am certain that it is Him who gives me my experiences for my good or the good of others.

By the way, I love it when people ask me questions as I ask a ton of questions myself (I am extremely curious). I hope you won't hesitate if you have any more.

Lyro (468 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-26)
LouraFriend, not to be rude or anything, just a question: Are you sure that it is God? It could be your guardian Angel, or even a Guardian, that's their job (not job, but you get the point.)
LouraFriend (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-26)
Hello there. It sounds like you are very concerned, and I think you should encourage him to always be totally honest with you and his mom about these occurrences. I am a follower of Christ and have a prophetic gifting, meaning I sometimes have dreams, visions, and God speaks to me throughout my day (that sounds pretty crazy and maybe arrogant, but it can't be any crazier than other responses;) ).

Assuming you want to discourage this, I would tread cautiously (as it sounds like you are doing) and attempt to remove any occultic influences such as TV shows (TV also plays a major factor in ADHD), music, and video games. Do research about the shows and cartoons he watches and you may be shocked to discover they are not so innocent. Find out if he has used a Ouija board, tarot cards, or participated in a seance. The one and only time I ever played with a Ouija board in middle school, I began having creepy premonitions (see my post under LouraFriend for more info)

I would also recommend you find a pastor or church elder for advise or simply pray with your grandson, especially if he is afraid. He should not try to communicate with them, and he should definitely tell an adult if he sees them. While these spirits may appear friendly or even neutral, I'd be willing to bet your grandson is very fearful. Many people think they can control these spirits or at least help them. Neither is true. My opinion (again, I know I sound like a raving fanatic) is that these are demonic spirits out to create fear or interest in themselves.

Ask Bible-believing Christians to pray for him (I certainly will) and understand that (not trying to sound haughty) it is the prayers of "the righteous" and not a certain phrase or set of words (essentially a magic spell or incantation) that will cause these things to go.

I don't know how often you see him, but I strongly encourage you to tell his mom all of this, even if she doesn't agree or believe it. I suggest a physical "cleansing" of the house (books, games, music, etc.) and review of your grandson's activities.
Byakuya94 (4 posts)
15 years ago (2009-10-25)
I know how he feels. I have been seeing spirits since I was 9 I am now 15. I see shadow people as well. I can even talk to afew. One that seems to respond to the name "man" has even sat down beside me and watch a show called Bleach. He seems to be conected to me.
fallenangel12690 (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-10-19)
i know how your grandson feels I try to tell my mom and dad but they looked like I was crazy. The thing is I'm not and he isn't you and his mom just need to suport him and no looking at him like he is crazy. Because those looks will make him not to talk to you or mom. Plus just be there
ManiTalent (10 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-27)
I used to see those "shadow people" when I was younger, too, and my parents would look at me funny and tell me to go to bed. I tried to convince them that I REALLY did see something, but thet they would just make me go to bed and ignore me. I finally gave up telling them, but I still see them today.
balckdragon (18 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-30)
it's not just channling the spirits have a choice to go to the other world or stay on this planet they are known as wondering spirits there is a lot of different kinds of spirits demonic angels wondering and binding spirits the main thing I would say to do is as long the spirits is not doing harm let it be because it can be useful because spirits can also mention that someone is dying that needs help or rescue on my experience I'm a ghost wishper meaning I can speak to the see them and know before hand what happeneed
Mickey125 (3 stories) (7 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-02)

I am 13 almost 14 and I think I know how your grandson feels because I have ADHD as well as Tourette Syndrome, and I have been a channeler since I was 12.
angelclouds (1 stories) (3 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-01)
I think its wonderful that he did share that with you. It took me a very long time before I told my mom about it. Let him know that he is not alone. ❤
Edmund (578 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-28)
bill1021... Well because its not widely accepted a frank discussion about keeping his ability under wraps is probably wise. It would also be beneficial if your grandson knows there are a few family members that he could come and talk to. I think that if with age his A.D.H.D. Lessens his ability to see the shadow people will diminish somewhat also... So I guess its about protecting the young until they get some years under their belt and are better able to handle it... Society is more accepting of psychic abilities but in general they have a long way to go!
Future321 (26 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-28)
Hey Val they made a rule you have to have 10 posts or more to go into chat room or I would be there.
vendettaBabes (3 stories) (335 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-28)

Believe me, the fear of the government comes from more than just having them not believe us or think we're crazy. Come on the chat-room any time from 7-10 pm your time or right now and I can explain a bit better. Glad you have fun with your empathy, and my friends, family, and even my sisters also get VERY put out with me when I can tell what they are feeling, or say "wow...that's freaky. Yes, that's just how I am feeling"

Future321 (26 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-28)
Thats nice to know I'm not alone on this. I'm 14 and I can always sence spirits/ shadow people around. Its scary at times. I have always kept this to myself in fear of people making fun of me and not believing me. So I geuss ill heed your warnings on staying away from the government. Also just let your grandson know he is not alone. Knowing that there are other people like him will give him s sence of comfort
vendettaBabes (3 stories) (335 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-28)
lost999 is very right. These children, Indigos, among with the Sun-eyeds, Crystallines, Children of Oz, Aids Children, and so on are here to help the world, and really, my grandparents, parents and myself agree on one thing. The government and psychiatrists only hurt these children, not help them. Being a Crystalline and having my parents and a younger brother be either Indigos or Crystallines, we've always been terrorized when anyone spoke to us about how they thought psychiatrist could "fix" whatever was wrong with my brother or I. We DO NOT trust the government.

lost999 (1 stories) (10 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-28)
My input is to let everyone know that an ADHD child is not sick at all, The best way to take care of an ADHD child is to keep them far aways for the Government as you can, and this includes all these psychiatrists and the likes... A psychiatrists only have one job and that is to take aways the abilities of these kids.

Most people with ADHD kids will have to hold on for there life because these kids is about to crash Christianity belief and there teaching.

Some called them star kids others called them indigo children.

Do some research on these kids and best of all get them to watch HEROES.

Shadowmagic26 (2 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-28)
OK so I don't see shadow figures as your grandson does but I can kind of see spirits when I open my eyes as to say. That's what I call it. Whatever you do never put him on medication. That stuff is so bad for people it isn't even funny. Well I am 15 soon to be 16, YES! But I have never told my parents about my powers. I will surprise my parents sometimes when I tell them something is about to happen and I say that I just guessed. Or I see someone that I use to go to school with in elementary and I know exactly what they look like now. It's kind of weird that I can see people as adults. Yet through out all my research that I have found, these powers run in the family. I truthfully think that I got this gift from my mothers side. So to figure out where he is getting these powers from do a background check on all sides of his family. Go back as far as you can. For me I can't becuase my great grandfather was adopted. So my past in a mystery, but his is a new begging.
Something that really helped me control my random powers was Taekwondo. It is a Korean Martial art and I can focus my energy on a punching bag then spirits popping up out of random places.
Just be a good grandmother and everything will flow into place!
WednesdayGirl (guest)
15 years ago (2009-02-28)
I just want to give you some words of encouragement and share some of my thoughts. First, I would like to applaude you for not telling the authorites that he is seeing these people. Second, most likely he IS really seeing these people.
I work in the field of psychology... And I know what kind of diagnoses are assigned to childen (even young in age) and that label will follow them around forever. I can tell by your tone and your interest in searching for information that you care very much for your grandson. Again, please do not share the boy's revelations to teachers, counselors, psychologists, or anyone outside of the immediate family. Unless it is in an anonymous way, via your good choice in this website.
I see shadow people, and would probably lose my license and clients if they knew that.
He is gifted with seeing spirits.
The old man is likely trying to protect your grandson in this neighborhood. I think he is a good spirit. Personally, I can only see three colors of spirits, black, grey, and white.
However, I am not strong enough to make out clear human-shaped beings... Just odd shapes/figures. Other people are.
I agree with the members who posted, in saying that the best thing family members can do is sincerely listen to the boy. He is scared and maybe frustrated that others do not also see what he sees. That makes him feel different from others. I would go with the flow and ask questions, without prodding, and just keep up the good work in raising him.
Thanks so much for sharing your story.

J ❤
BPhillips (1 stories) (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-27)
My young son who at the age of 5 told me about his dead uncle who died from a gun shot and about how he comes to play with him at night while everyone is sleeping. There was no way that he would have known about his Uncle as his Uncle committed suicide before my sons father and I got married. In fact, I never even met him. My son's father is not a part of my sons life and hasn't been since he was two. Needless to say I was shocked by what he was telling me. He described his Uncle, his house, and then told me that he came out of his body but that he can't go to heaven. He said he and his Uncle play Pokeman cards together at night.
My son also has ADHD and has been seeing a psychiatrist who monitors his medication. I called his psychiatrist and confided him about what my son had told me. He advised me to get a picture of his uncle and to sit and look through pictures of my son and include the picture of his Uncle in the stack of photos and to not call any special attention to the photo but to see if he reacts to it. It took some work but I was finally ably to contact my sons father and emailed me a picture of his brother. I did just what my sons psychiatrist told me to do and low and behold, when we got to the picture of his Uncle he pointed him and told me that was his Uncle that he plays with and sees at our house. I was stunned but tried to pretend I wasn't. I consulted his psychiatrist and he didn't know what to say. He told me he would ask around to some other pyschiatrists to see if they have encountered anything similar with one of their patients and get back to me. When he got back to me he was sorry to tell me that he just didn't know how to handle this as he had never been faced with something like this before and neither had any of his collegues. I like you, got online and starting researching things. He started talking about other people he would see from time to time and I would let him talk and sometimes ask questions but for the most part I would just listen and be supportive. I did contact a psychic medium through a friend of a friend and she gave me some advice. She said the most important thing for me to do is to make my son feel safe and comfortable and that should he become afraid of what he was seeing to say a prayer with him. She said to pray for the bright white light of the holy spirit to surround my son and our home (or wherever we may be at the time) and to protect him and his family from all evil. She also advised me to talk to my son about his Uncle. He had told me his Uncle said he couldn't go to heaven and she told me that his Uncle's spirit was trapped here because he felt like he couldn't go to heaven because he committed suicide. I had a long talk with my son and asked him to tell his Uncle the next time he saw him that he needed to follow the bright light and that he could go to heaven and that his loved ones were waiting for him. My son promised me he would do that but I can't tell you for sure if he has. Part of this was teaching my son that his Uncle needed his help to get to heaven and that other spirits may need his help too.
I don't know about your grandson but my son from time to time will start talking about this world being in Chaos or he will tell me some nights when I tuck him into bed that my Guardian Angel is going to be visiting me soon or things like that. What I find most interesting is that I had never told my son about Guardian Angels or about spirits leaving their bodies and going to heaven when they die. He just seems to know these things without being taught.
First and foremost your daughter needs to tell her son that she believes him and then she needs to be a good listener when he's got things on his mind or wants to share his experiences with her. She also needs to help him feel safe and to give him a sense of power over what he sees and what he doesn't. If something is scaring him he needs to know that he can say By the power of jesus christ, I command you to leave me alone. I don't see spirits like my son does so I can't tell you for sure that this works. I can just tell you what I've done with my own child from advice of other psychic mediums and that my son seems to find peace with this.
I would be happy to discuss this further with you if you would like.

Good Luck, and just give your grandson lots of love and the tools he needs to feel safe and protected.

God Bless
epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-26)
Hi bill. I am also an indigo child I think because I am cold and antisocial in real life. I get happier when I am all alone. On the other hand you must guide your grandson and teach him of what is right and wrong, from good to bad. And explain it to him about his situation and his gift which came from god. Always make him happy and smile for someday if he is old enough. He will going to have courage to endure a lot of unexplainable happenings by means of looking back on his life in the past of the good times of his young age together with you. In other words he will become a positive thinker 😁
vendettaBabes (3 stories) (335 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-26)

God bless you. I read you and the left over energy of you from what you wrote, You're really truly amazing. I am so glad that I told my parents. They still don't understand me completely, but now I don't have to lie so much and figured out that they too, are gifted. As I read what you had written, I realized... How true it is.

vendettaBabes (3 stories) (335 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-26)
Do you think that maybe your grandchild may be an Indigo Child? Indigos are often diagnosed with ADHD and ADD and then medicated with things that mess them up. Search this, you might find something rather interesting. I don't often post comments on stories that are asking for help from people who see "shadow people" [I've only posted 2 or 3 of those] But upon seeing that you have such a little and lovely Indigo in need, it touched me greatly. I agree with Realjoy.

Make sure the child does not think of himself as "weird" and always remind him that being different is a gift from God. Lots of times, he will get frustrated and upset that he is different, and at these times, leaving him alone for a bit with an animal will help a lot. Indigos, [especially the males] unlike Crystallines, prefer being alone when they are this upset and get annoyed easier. [this is not true in all cases, just average]

When he mentions that he sees something, don't ignore it and don't wave it off. At this time, he needs encouragement and understanding. Who knows, one day he could help make a difference in the world. Don't be scared for him, for he is more happy and excited that you are finally listening than scared.

-Love and understanding, Val. [3rd VendettaBabe] ❤
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
15 years ago (2009-02-26)
If you spend any kind of time on this site you'll notice a few things. One is that the people are generally young and two, is that there are a surprising amount of "shadow" stories. As the editor of this site I see them almost daily so either everyone is imagining the same thing or there is really something to it. It's like UFO's. C'mon, how many sightings do we need, high placed political figures saying they are here, astronauts admitting seeing them, pilots, etc., before the world in general pulls its head out of the sand and admits it? This archaic attitude is present with psychics and ghosts too.

The reason so many young people come to this site is because unlike older generations, the stigma around being psychic or seeing ghosts is much different than it was decades ago (and to that, I say thank God!) We've got movies, webpages, popular TV shows like Medium, all showing that it's OKAY to be psychic! We stopped burning people long ago for what is normal for the human experience and we're slowly shedding through our youth fear based paradigms. We've also done a terrific job squelching this as soon as we see it in our youngsters. So the question is, do you want to participate in the raising of your grandson in an old fear-based pattern or get with the program? Time and time again I read articles from the youth here that their parents think they are bad for even thinking they could be psychic. Shame on them.

But closed minded people aside, these young people now have freedom and lots of people just like them to share this with. They will eventually move out from their parent's house and continue exploring this fascinating aspect of our Beings. And then when they have children they will let them be exactly who they are naturally and the tide will eventually turn. Who knows, I'd like to think that someday we have schools for special children and that we teach this as the norm, to encourage it, and work towards enlightenment and not darkness. Wow, just think how gifted future generations could be!
realjoy (1 stories) (6 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-26)
Personally, I think the best thing to do is to listen to him when he wants to talk about what he sees and to NOT make him feel awkward or "weird" about it. Children are more open than adults (we think more logically and are more skeptical... They take things at face value) so they tend to see the spiritual plane more easily. Let him know that he can trust you both and not be afraid to come to you.

I always saw full blown, three dimensional 'beings' when I was a child, as well as the "shadow people". As I got older (and had some negative experiences leading to fear) I stopped seeing them, but I can still feel them and get mental images. I'm telling you this because he may, or may not, 'outgrow' this. It's not a psychological's just another sense, like hearing or sight, that he has.

Again, my best advice is to just be there for him and to not make him feel negative about it. Let him know that you are both there for him and let him come to you and tell you what he sees without reacting too much (either negatively or excitedly). Just talk to him like you do about any other types of things that he experiences daily (school problems, etc) and don't let him start feeling fearful or like he's 'crazy'.

Because of shows like Medium, Psychic Detectives, etc, more and more people are starting to understand that these abilities are real and that the people who have them are just like everyone else (in fact, I believe we all have it... Just some are more in tune than others:) )

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