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Ghostly Agreement Yeoville England


Dear all,

I would like to share an experience with you. I am a born psychic and medium (although have only recently begun to accept this) and am now working to develop my skills. The way the spirit world communicates with me is primarily through my dreams and although I have had many interesting messages from spirit in my dreams there is one spirit communication that still chills me enormously.

A few years ago my mother was considering buying a large house near Yeoville in Somerset, England. It was a former rectory probably built in the late 1700s/ early 1800s. My mother took me with her to view the place. In its hay day it had been a grand property with a beautiful large hall with black and white tiles on the floor and many rooms with lovely and extremely high ceilings. While I was there I did not pick up anything negative about the house (although it had a few creepy portraits of former rectors who had lived there on the upper balcony) my only concern was that it was too large for my mother and her boyfriend and that it had fallen into a state of disrepair and needed a lot of work.

That night I had a very vivid dream about the house. In my dream I became one of my two small children and we were staying with Grandma (my mum) at the house. As we went in the house the nature of the property changed and rather than being the grand former rectory it took the form of an older cottage like farm house with many outbuildings and barns. In my dream the doors to the rooms started banging and there was a lot of very frightening poltergeist activity. All of a sudden there were many men and women milling about the rooms, carrying plates of food to an area outside where many people were sitting on benches alongside wooden tables getting ready for a meal. All of the people were wearing mainly black clothing with white collars and the ladies had white bonnets. Their style of dress reminded me of the clothes that the puritans had worn in the 1600s when Oliver Cromwell was in charge of England. A man in his late 50s early 60s invited me fairly politely to come to sit down and join him and the others at the table. As I looked into his eyes I could see he was a spirit (In my dreams spirits look just like ordinary people but have a white light where their Irises normally would be). He then said to me in words that I cannot remember something along the following lines: This is the only warning that we will give you. We do not want you to come to live in this house we want to be left alone. This is our house and you have seen what your family will experience if you come to live here. He then took out a written agreement stating that we would not come to live in the house. I was very happy to sign this on behalf of my family and gave it to him.

The following day I rang my mother and told her about the dream and implored her not to buy the house telling her that the house and grounds were haunted by many spirits and that I had made an agreement with them that she would not buy the place. She thought this was a load of rubbish and kept telling me that it was such a good bargain (the property was on offer for just over half the market price). I remained adamant that she should not buy the place and eventually and thankfully she listened to me.

Recently (a few years later) we talked about the house again. To my surprise she said that there was something that she had forgotten to tell me in connection with the dream that I had. She had, a while later, visited a hotel and restaurant which situated on the same road as the house that she had considered buying. While she was there one of the staff told her that in days of old people were hanged very close to the house that she had been trying to buy. When she had heard this she had realized that my dream was true and that the restless souls who had been hanged for their crimes had chosen to live as a community in the grounds of the property. She thanked me for my warning.

If you are reading this as and recognize the house and know the owners I would strongly recommend that you suggest that the current owners move (if they are experiencing problems with the place) or at the very least find someone to exorcise the property and grounds. I feel that moving would be the better option as I doubt the spirits will vacate easily and happily!

I hope that you have found the story interesting and would love to hear from any of you who have had similar experiences.

Mel x

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