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Psychic And Ghostly Love Connections


I've been creeping around this site all day because I was anxious to see if there was anyone else out there who'd like to post about any spiritual love stories that they have in their comments? My best friend (who's also my twinsoul) and I are in love with two spirits that we've learned have spent many lives with us. They're our twinflames and we each have our own unique relationships and history with them. In fact, all of us are part of a spiritual soul group and we've all been in past lives together.

One thing I'd like to mention to add as a tool to this explanation are that I am clairaudient and my best friend is empathic. Her psychic abilities are more emotional and more heart and groin based because she feels more. My psychic abilities are more mental and my third eye is advanced because of it. If you add these factors in, they explain why we're able to perceive our spiritual soulmates easily in different ways.

My best friend learned that her spirit was someone who died not too long after she was born who committed suicide because there were problems with her reincarnating into his life at that time and he suffered emotionally. He always felt as if there was "something missing" and couldn't put his finger on it and it ate him up as a result. They were originally meant to reincarnate together (back in the late 60s) but the woman that was supposed to have her had a miscarriage, so she was set back. She spent decades waiting to find the right vessel who was a part of a family that mirrored the lessons that he was learning from his family during his life. She finally found one and reincarnated in the early 90s in a city where she thought he'd settle during his life, but she miscalculated. As a result, they were separated for a while but he eventually found his way to her when she was 13 after he was ready to find his soulmate.

At the time, she wasn't really aware that he was there completely, but she had episodes where she'd actually feel him and she thought she was losing her mind. This was years before she learned she was empathic.

For me, my spiritual soulmate died in 2009. We weren't meant to reincarnate to "meet" necessarily because he decided he wanted to experience a life where he personally learned how to appreciate me more from not being around me. We reincarnated around the same time but didn't want to have physical lives together because we wanted to remember why we're so important to each other. So when he was on earth, he realized how much he needed me emotionally and suffered because of this. In the afterlife, he's actually a spiritual consultant that works with regular people and spirits alike to help them learn the afterlife is nothing to be afraid of and to help them adapt to The Shift going on right now. I decided I wanted to dedicate this life to learning about myself and learning to accept my weaknesses and strengths to evolve as a person. He found me through a medium and he's been with me in this life ever since.

Later on, we intend to reincarnate with my best friend and her spiritual soulmate in a life where we're all directly connected and no one's "dead" while the others are "alive." We're going to enjoy it together:)

Our relationships act as any other. For my best friend and her spiritual soulmate, they are learning through one another how to be selfless in a constructive fashion while my soulmate and I are learning how to be less selfish and how to appreciate one another in general. Relationship wise, my friend and her mate are much more bonded and monogamous and they generally have more of a traditional and romantic approach to love whereas my mate and I are polyamorous with multiple flames opposed to one and we're naturally more detached in love because we find that detachment romantic.

So that's our story:)

Is there anyone else that would like to comment on this, ask questions about this or has a similar experience where they're in love with a ghost?

Thank you so much! Spirits are regular people, just like we are.

- Luna

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InjuredAngelHeero (4 stories) (87 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-01)
I have a soulmate that is currently without a physical body, we've spent many lives together and the exact reason of why him and a friend's souls merged for a time is unclear at the moment. I found him in a chat sight and had the feeling of knowing him without actually knowing him, we dated for a few months and I learned of his 'split' (his soul split into two different people. This second half disliked most people and was considered a danger as he would try to attack them, but had become my second shadow, first intrigued and not sure about me, then 100% devoted to me and pissed when my friend decided it was time to break up with me for a girl he knew better. In the end my mate wound up with me as my friend with the physical body is with another girl. We weathered many lives together, the 'first one' is beyond any written date, I hope I can learn of this quicker in the next life and have him by my side with a physical body; it gets difficult when you need to feel them near or be able to cuddle them when you need comfort.
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-27)
Thank you for sharing your experiences.
Its amazing you know your twin flame when many don't have contact with their other half.
Your friendship with your best friend reminds me of my own best friend. We have through several lives together and I am always glad she is with me in this life as well.

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