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I Have A Ghostly Feline Visitor


Hey guys, I'm a newbie to this site and this is my first story.

Last year, I was in a dark place - very depressed and lonely. At night-time when I was (trying) to sleep, I could feel something jump onto my bed, walk up the bed and then settle down on my duvet. The only thing I can describe it as, was it felt like a cat had jumped up onto my bed, snuggled itself up and was licking itself. I could even "hear" it purring, but it wasn't like hearing someone talk, a different hearing. I know I probably don't make sense but its hard to describe.

So this "cat" continued to jump on my bed nearly every night. In the end I decided I wasn't scared anymore, so I had a quick peep over the covers and saw a grey or tabby cat licking itself. It wasn't solid though, almost transparent. The strange thing was, seeing it didn't scare me, just confuse me.

Also around the same time, I have noticed, cats seem to go out of their way to greet me... I mean I can be walking down a street and a cat would jump out of a bush and meow crazily, rubbing itself up against my legs and follow me down the road. I've had this happen more and more recently.

I didn't have the ghostly cat visit me when I was happy, only when I was sad or stressed. I have been quite ill recently with a inner ear disorder, and been feeling a bit down. And low and behold I had a visit last week, where it lay almost in my face.

I have a feeling the cats are drawn to me, but I don't know why. I'm not even a "cat person" really, I own a dog. (however owned cats in past)

I feel like people think I'm going crazy when I tell them about "the cat". The oddest thing happened the other week as well. I was on my way into town on a bus, when I kept hearing a loud Meow on the bus, I looked around and assumed it was somebody's mobile phone. Even stranger was the fact that I heard it on the way home as well! I thought "I'm definitely cracking up now!" and have been no doubt reluctant to tell people what happened. The next day I was incredibly ill with this inner ear problem, and honestly felt like death, maybe it was to say that someone was there for me?

I have thought that it might be an animal guide, but how do I know for sure? I need expert help on the matter, would be very much appreciated

Thanks guys, love to the world...:)

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WakeTwin (10 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-08)
I'll give it a try:

Form the given in your story, I could assume this one fuzzy little been possibly connected to you on a very personal level. We should be aware that connections, especially the spiritual ones, never are random.

I wouldn't go in the Animal guide discourse, enough said it dosnt provide guidance, as much, as pure support and emotional comfort. Animal guides make contacts by engaging us in full consciousness, they command attention as we go through an extensive exchange of informations with them.

You described the kitty of a very humble and carring presence that approaches you in a more or less passive way. While having had cat pets before, you didn't make an attemp to relocate this ghost within any of those priori owned... Would you like to give it a thought? If that not the case, I would go for the companion from some of your prior incarnations with whom you had an obviously special relationship, enough special that he or she will pass through veil and offer support in times of need 😊

I think it's a very beautiful expirience, and a message of hope, and a way shown how to not let things going over you. The message derived is to RELY on others when weakest, becouse YOU CAN. Dont close in hun. I believe it is beyond hard, but we DO can overcome our phisical vulnerabilities, in one way or another ❤

There is one (for me beyond beautiful) book about hearing and of what significance it is in the life of us conscious, heartfull beings. May it be inspiring and healing to you as it was for me.

Alfred Tomatis
"The Conscious Ear",

It's an autobiography by the way 😊

About the karmic possibility, you may want mabe go in regresotherapy and search for this kitty? I believe it's puzzling enough for you to want to give it a try...

Blessed be
MoonStryke (guest)
13 years ago (2011-01-08)
If you think cats may be your spirit animal, ask yourself if you share any traits with cats. Cat is my Spirit Animal, and I've noticed I share quite a few personality quirks with cats, one of which is a preference for solitude. Watch cats, how they behave, how they interact with people and other cats, and see if any of their quirks resonate with you.
As a Spirit Animal, Cat represents magick, mystery, independence, psychic warning, and grace.
Cat may not be your Spirit Animal, but he may have a message or lesson for you. It may be that at this time in your life, incorporating some of Cat's traits will help you to grow stronger where you feel you need it most.
Hope this is some help. ❤
AnandaHya (guest)
13 years ago (2011-01-07)
ladyBo, I've never had a ghost cat but I do love animals. Because of your last statement and the fact you sent love to the world, I will share with you a story I've never told anyone before. Its never come up in conversation.

When I was growing up my mother would never let us have pets. In the begining I thought it was because we were not wealthy and didn't have the money to spare. That is what my mom told me at least, but after learning how well my mom budgets and the low cost of having a pet, I figured out that she didn't want us to have one because she hated it when they died. My mom loves animals, but hates death. She treats them like one of her kids, actually she treats my puppy better then me some days. When we go visit my puppy gets daily baths from my mom.

Anyway, to the point. I had a series of pets in college and they would always die. The night before I find them dead, I would dream of demons attacking me and my pets sacrificing their lives to protect me. I would see a ghostly angelic image of them before they crossed over telling me that "it is an honor to die in the protection of your loved ones"

I would wake up those mornings crying and check their cages and find them dead.

The point of my story is that animals are given spirits and can protect and reassure us in our times of trouble. Sometimes their loyalty and understanding surpass that of other human beings.

I'm training my puppy to be a therapy dog and plan on visiting nursing homes and children's hospitals with her and my kids on our free weekends. You said you had a dog, perhaps you could train it as well?

Peace, light and love. May they guide you and keep you safe in your journeys through life.
ashd9 (44 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-07)
I have one of these cute little friends too. Her name is Belle, she comes to sleep in my bed, plays with my Dad's toes and my two cats. Belle is a ghost Kitty, not a spirit guide,i'm not sure about yours. If you meditate on it you can find it's name. Ghost animals also like to be acnknowleged. It's not everyday they get a hello from a person:)
A5 (2 stories) (144 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-07)
Cats must be drawn to you for a reason. It may be tricky, but try to talk to the ghost cat. He's definately a friend.
Also, do some research on mythology Greek, Roman, Egyptian. Maybe you'll find something there.
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-07)
To be honest I don't have an answer for you but what I can say is that you should start mediating to find your answers that you are looking for. Meditation will help you clear your mind and it will become easy to contact your spirt guide or your animal guide.

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