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Potential Advice For Unwanted Visitors


After reading some of the stories on this website I decided it would be important to share mine. I had a few psychic experiences when I was very young (under 10) these included premonitions, strange things happening like a door rattling and unlocking itself, ect. I grew up in a religious and loving household and was always very safe and loved. I never really experienced anything too bad.

When I reached the age of 12, I moved to a different school and made a new group of friends. This led me to playing with the Ouija board a lot. What a huge mistake. I ended up being tormented by tons of low level spirits, it was so bad that I started puking all my meals (not out of a desire to be thin but simply because I felt so sick) and my hair started falling out. I couldn't ever sleep (due to all the activity around me) and felt a terrible pain in my chest all the time.

Whenever I prayed I couldn't feel God, I never even realized I had a connection with God since I was so young when I developed it. The complete loss of it was devastating. Eventually, after tons of praying, and having a priest intervene I could finally connect to Goodness again. It was the most amazing feeling.

Anyway no longer severely depressed, I still had spiritual visits. Mostly spirits that would feed on my energy make me feel tired, weak or depressed. This would come and go sometimes it would happen every night and for other periods I would be completely at peace.

In search for a solution for real peace I stumbled upon a light worker name Andrew Guzik. He had this set of prayers on his website. I started saying them and the peace I now have in my life is unparallel. Whenever I feel a negative energy around me, I simply say the set of prayers three times each and it is gone for good. I don't know if these prayers will help everyone but I hope they can help someone the same way they helped me. I recommend contacting Andrew Guzik if the prayer doesn't help for some alternative strategies. Everyone deserves peace in their lives! Psychic abilities can be a great blessing!



If what I am experiencing is not mine, may God have His Shield around me and I release whatever it may be to Him.

Father/Mother/God, we ask that this entity, soul or thought-form be sent on in its spiritual evolution for the highest good and mutual benefit of everyone concerned.


From the Divine Love that flows through my Being, whatever is in my auric field, which is interfering with my Free Will Choice, whether, it is here with or without my permission, I now command, in the name of the Creator, and from the Divine Love that flows through my being in Love and Peace, that it now go to the nucleus of its being. Go in Peace. So be it.


Archangel Michael Archangel Michael, please bring down the tunnel of Light. Ariel, Azrael, and Aru-Kiri, please assist.

I break any and all agreements or contracts, both conscious and unconscious, that I have made, anyone in my body has made, or anyone in my genetic lineage has made, with any astral entities thought-forms, demons, dark forces, elementals, aliens or boogies. Please go into the tunnel of light now, we will take you home.

When you feel lighter, say:

Michael, please remove all astral parasites, bring the tunnel of light to the 5th dimension, please assist Grace and Purity Elohim, please assist circle security, please seal the space and hold my field in integrity.

Then when you feel lighter, say:

Grace Elohim, please move through my body and fields and release any residual energy left of parasites, after which, Purity Elohim, please seal my body and fields. Thank you for your assistance, Michael. Please roll up the tunnel of light.

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