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I'm Not Sure If I'm Psychic


So starting off I'm 14 and my girlfriend sees ghosts. A ghost in her room pushed my books down (I let her borrow some books) after I told her to tell the ghost, "Cole says hi." Since I started dating her I have been thinking about it more often. I also just noticed that (I think) I see auras. Anyways, on to the point. Every once in a while, I will be up late doing whatever. I had this weird feeling that I wasn't alone and I was being watched. I feel freezing, but my skin is warm. I have had paranormal experiences before involving apparitions, and a strange lady with no arms or head. I was walking at 1:30 a.m. With my friend and out of nowhere, my eyes immediately go to these feet I see. As soon as I looked they were gone, but I definitely saw feet. Very shortly, I saw a lady with no arms or head walk out of the shadows, it walks towards me and I ran. I always ignored it until now, when the feeling is too great. I look around and when I focus I see things, colors of some sort. That is all it is, colors. I also take note that everything has "colors" or auras of some sort. But tonight, I'm terrified. I don't feel safe, but I don't see anything wrong. I don't see anything, but the colors are very active tonight.

So, I'll summarize all that I've said. I see auras, when I focus on my hand, I see white all around it. My hand also feels warm when I do that. I am very scared, which is my whole purpose in typing this right now. Help explain to me these auras. Tell me if it's possible to see what I don't see. I feel blind at the moment. Help explain to me what the women with no limbs meant. Also, explain what kind of psychic I may be and how to train myself in it. I would like to gain a mastery over my potential abilities if there are any. Also explain ways to cope with fear. Thank you so much, I need the help. By the way, it's exactly 12:59 a.m. And I still have the feeling of being watched. Help as soon as possible!

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