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What Type Of Psychic Could I Be?


I am very curious to this. Almost every single time I'm angry, my computer and phone malfunction. They don't work and screw up. Which, of course, makes me even more mad. I can take and give energy to anyone I wish by touching them and focusing on giving my energy or taking it. I can often predict what people are going to say and when. I also have the ability to call up entities or something of the sort. I can see auras. I can also feel peoples moods and when looking into someone's eyes, I can sense their past and current emotions. I often give people I'm around the urge to sing. I have very bad mood swings that are from nowhere. I can sense the slightest abnormality wherever I am. Whether it be an entity or moods. I can often predict phone calls without caller ID or awaiting calls and I experience so much deja vus that it's normal for me. When thinking of someone, they often come around within the next few minutes. I heal faster than others and I often give off a comforting feeling, as I have been told by my friends, unless my mood is off. I often trance myself and do things I can't remember. I am also starting to develop a way to see things that are going to happen in the future, as soon as a I start daydreaming or concentrating. It's normally just a small jist of it, but enough for me to know. I can often predict random things correctly when my friends ask me "guess what?" or "guess what I'm doing or watching or wearing, etc?" I can also read peoples' minds and tell if they are in danger or being chased/followed or loved etc. What kind of psychic is it possible I could be? And is it possible for someone on here to be able to help me train or understand more?

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Bellefleur_Blaise (3 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-05)
Haha! I know right. I hate it though. I cana be in school and in tech class the computer keeps shutting off and stuff and it annoys me even more, and then I end up shuting off someone elses because of my temper. Its hilarious though:D
stephyw2001 (3 stories) (108 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-01)
I feel you on the computers. Technology and myself do not get along. I know how to use them, I'm not stupid. I know what to do and what not to do, and I know what they're supposed to do. HOwever, with me around, they usually go astray. I've been paranoid at work at times, thinking "oh God, they'll think I did something, or put a virus on this computer, or deleted something important" because the systems will start acting up.
Lucky for me, my boss always says "this is how computers are" and blow it off as normal. I'm hoping he's right for both our sakes. 😊

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