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Night Visitor- Harbormaster


My brother, who is three years older than me, has recently told me about some experiences he's had within the last year. Ever since he was young, he's had night terrors accompanied by sleep paralysis. He recently told me about a dream he had in which he and I were walking down the wooded road our parents live on. As we were walking, to our left appeared what he described to be a port town (like a boat dock or harbor). Once he saw the port town, he began hearing the word "Harbormaster" said over and over again. He then came upon the gate that guarded the port town. There at the gate was a giant, who looked directly at him and said, "Harbormaster." He then woke up and felt a presence in his bedroom with him. He sent out a thought, "is someone here with me?" He received a thought put into his mind replying, "yes." He then sent out a thought asking who it was, no answer. He then sent out a thought asking, "Are you what people mistook as Angels in the past?" The presence replied, "yes." He then sent a thought asking, "what did my dream mean? What is a Harbormaster?" He said the he then felt like a massive idea was then planted in his mind. The idea was that minds are like boats on water-some are bigger and are able to go deeper in to the water, some are smaller and stay at the surface. The water is the invisible force that connects the minds (consciousnesses?) to one another. There are some individuals who can see the water, these individuals are called "Harbormasters".

He's seen/felt this night visitor several times after that. He's explained an experience where he awoke with his arms outstretched to his sides, he felt as though he was floating in his bed, when all of a sudden he felt a burst of energy travel from the base of his spine to the top of his head and then release from his hands. He mentioned this to his roommate and his roommate told him to research Kundalini Yoga, which involves the alignment of the chakras. My brother has never done yoga in his life.

He has also told me about a time that he left a window open in his room, because he had heard that night visitors will walk through the room and out of the window instead of stopping. When he did that, he said he awoke to a dozen or so night visitors walking through his room. He sent out thoughts to them for them to leave, they paid no attention to him. He then stood up and yelled for them to leave. When he did that, they disappeared, but down the street from his house, he heard a baby begin to cry in the direction the night visitors were walking. He said the baby sounded like it was screaming for it's life.

The last experience he had with the night visitor was at a friend's house. He was under the influence of an illicit substance when the night visitor entered his friends bedroom where he was sleeping. In his state between sleep and wake, he was sending thoughts to the night visitor, yelling and swearing at it. Telling it to reveal itself. He said it said nothing, but immediately turned and left the room. He said the next few days, the friend whose room he had been sleeping in had experiences with the night visitor.

He's also told me that he had a dream that two of his close friends ended their relationship and he was able to see who they began new relationships with. After three months, his dream became reality. I need some guidance on what this means and what we should do. My brother has been known to make things up, so I need to know if this holds any water. Thank you!

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FireWalkWithMe (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-26)
Simon155, thank you for your response! I'm not sure what the giant means. I've been really curious about that. I also don't think he really felt that the presence was harmful, but more of a guide. I'm now watching a documentary called The Nightmare on Netflix. It's almost exactly what he's experienced. It's terrifying. I hope your kiddos recovered from their dream!

simon155 (5 posts)
9 years ago (2016-01-05)
I can believe it. Perhaps he uses the word dream because he is concerned about the response he would get otherwise. It's not the easiest thing to talk of. Spirits though I don't think are limited to the dead. Enough people have these experiences and they don't seem to be physical as a rule. In regards to the visitor please don't judge. People often get an eery feeling or tingling from the energy which they interpret as evil but its not. I've seen visitors with their masks gone at their homes. That said, what is the giant supposed to be? Reminds me of dreaming I was a giant. I wouldn't have mentioned it but the next morning the kids said they both dreamt I was a giant. They thought I was scary: (
FireWalkWithMe (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-12-31)
Thank you for your response! He has told me these things in person and he seems certain that they were real experiences. However, when he spoke to my mother about these experiences, he said they were only dreams. I'm incredibly concerned about his psychological well-being, but I don't want to just write his experiences off as a mental health episode if it was of a psychic nature. It seems really, really detailed and an incredibly deep concept for it to be false, but I just don't know. Thanks again!
masterofelements (12 stories) (80 posts)
9 years ago (2015-12-30)
So first, you need to see if what he has told you is true. Look for the signs of truth, meaning you have to meet with him face to face. If he doesn't keep his eyes on you most of the time or he is fidgeting, that is a sign of lying. Tell him you are concerned for him and you need to know if its true.
Hope I helped
Take care,

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