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I have had premonitions all my life. In retrospect it was important that I had them as the premonitions gave me a reason to live. I was badly abused as a youth. The first premonition I had was of my future as an adult. I was 15 at the time and knew that I was in my 40's in the premonition. Most of the premonitions I have had in life have had some connection to that original premonition. Let me back pedal a little and say that after the first premonition I was able to return to the premonition about a month later. I did so with a purpose in mind; to ask a question. The question I asked was "How do I get here?" You see the premonition was so wonderful, I had never felt so at home before or since, so I wanted to know how to get there. I received a answer in a voice not my own. The answer was, "You will have to leave someone important behind."

Well, at that time in my life, with the events of my life as they were, there was no one so important that I could not leave them behind to feel that safety, and security on a permanent basis. So for decades I lived, just getting by, knowing that in my future was a wonderful life. And I would receive what I called landmarks from time to time. Brief premonitions of unrelated events that I took to tell me that I was on the right path.

I am in my mid-40's now. About 2 -3 years ago I started having premonitions of my husband's death. It was then that I understood the answer I'd been given to my question. My husband is the one person I have grown to be unwilling to let go of. In truth, I came to the decision that nobody's life was worth my happiness, but certainly not my husband's. I tried and tried to think of ways around it that would guarantee us both safe passage around this event but could not come up with anything. I became totally focused of getting around this event.

About 9 - 12 months ago, I had a dream. I was standing in a place that was all white surrounded by a white mist. Out of the mist before me came a figure. As the figure drew closer I knew the figure to be Jesus. He told me that I would no longer be able to see into the future. I responded with, "No! I like seeing into the future." Jesus smiled and laughed as He gave me a hug responding with "I know." Now it is important to me to note that I was not being disrespectful. While I do not go to church, I have spoken to Jesus all my life and believe that He responds all the time. So, I have a comfort level with Jesus that allows me to speak my mind with Him while knowing that, in the end, what He says goes.

Since then I have not had any premonitions. My husband's death has not come to pass yet, but then the events surrounding it are not expected until sometime next year. I do not presume to get a different answer from someone else, but without my premonitions I feel very uncertain about my future. Honestly, I cannot imagine how people go their entire lives not knowing something of what is coming. I don't really know what I was thinking would come of this, but I guess I was just hoping to get your thoughts on things.

Thanks for listening

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Hestiaheart (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-16)
Hello, Sonof Ra. Let me start off by saying thank you for sharing your story. While I was reading your story I felt a strong connection with you as I have had somewhat of a similar experience with my life. I have also had premonitions my whole life or for as long as I can remember. I believe that I came into this life knowing that I had come early to help the family I was born into. The visions have helped me accomplish that. I also knew that once my mission was completed I was to supposed to leave this world. Let me just say that I am 21 and I have not had any premonitions about myself since I was 17. While I'm not sure in what way you get your visions, but for me I have learned that sometimes my visions or premonitions can be symbolic in nature. I received a premonition around 14 or 15 years old that basically said that my mission would be complete and I would die at 18. I was okay with that. I had never felt like I had belonged in this lifetime anyway, and I knew that love was waiting for me wherever I ended up going. A lot of important events took place during those 4 years between 14 and 18. I had successfully made sure my mother separated from my abusive father, and made sure my father didn't kill my mother or brother in the aftermath, but I had also become very ill. I went through a lot of pain before Doctors found out what was wrong, my gull bladder had become infected which sounded really silly to me at the time. I had surgery to remove it, and the healing process after was just as painful as having the stupid infected gull bladder. The Doctor told me after I had gotten it removed that it could have been life threatening had I not gotten it removed when I did. I had started to become confused. There was never a premonition that didn't come to pass, but now I realize that I did die. My soul had died and then came back to life, but stronger this time then it had ever been before. All the events had lead up to me changing for the better. Just like you Jesus has spoken to me my entire life. I know that he only does everything out of love for you. I think that he took away your premonitions to help you, although I'm not sure in what way. Trust that the love in your life is never going to go away. Love has a way of always sticking with you when you believe in it. I believe that the person important person in your life that you have to leave behind is your old self. Your old self is important because it made you who you are today, but you have to leave it behind so you can grow into the happiness that you deserve.
KadimKid (2 posts)
9 years ago (2016-01-03)
Uhhhh, that's not Jesus. Sorry to tell you, but Jesus aint the type to visit people in white mists. White mists = Spirit. Think about it. Mist or fog affects your ability to see things clearly. Mist = Illusion or deciet. And Jesus isn't the type to take away. Where in what book does he take something away from someone? Something is deceiving you, to keep you from the truth or important information. You need to meditate and reopen your mind to your gifts again. Mid-30's with premonitions? Uh, you are most definitely important to Angels/Demons/and anything not of this world. Don't be deceived.

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