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I had an experience with an entity that literally shattered the way my belief system operates. I generally have a very scientific belief system and would rather come up with rational reasons for things that happen. But not this time! After falling asleep one night I was woken up by a really odd sound. It sounded like breathing but when I tried to move around and see what it was I couldn't. I was physically paralyzed. I remember the smell was of sulfur in nature which was extremely odd to me. I did have some visibility due to the fire in the living room and when the entity moved around the bed it came between me and the light. I saw what I believed to be a humanoid that was about 6 feet tall. I was trying not to freak out and to keep myself calm I tried to talk to it. My vocal cords would not work and it seemed as if the entity didn't have a care in the world. In my frustration I just blurted out a question mentally since I couldn't talk. The question was, "What are you and what are you doing in my house?" The entity turned its head and when it did this I was given a very good outline of it's skull. Its head was elongated and very long. It seemed surprised that I was even able to get its attention. It then made an attempt to answer my question with imagery not words. When this happened I was exposed to a large amount of information and a lot of pain also. It took me to a star like map where it pointed to a region of space and then it zoomed into a galaxy and then zoomed more and more until a single world was visible. This world did not look technological at all and looked as if only basic civilization existed on it. When I thought about this the entity became almost upset and I could feel pain and sorrow. I then thought of another question, "what happened?" I was thrown into a scene of battle on a interplanetary scale. A large ship like vessel was firing a very large weapon at the planet. The beam destroyed the world and bits and pieces of it were floating by me. This made me understand why it was so upset. After this I was in the room once again and this time I was no longer paralyzed. The entity was gone. After this event I have become extremely sensitive to energy field types. Sometimes I will be walking and it will feel like I am trying to walk through a wall. When its dark outside I can feel it when a spirit looks at me and sometimes I can communicate with them. I am still trying to sort all of this out but it can be really frustrating when your scared to tell anyone.

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mmmm_cake (1 stories) (12 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-16)
It sound to me like this is a typical case of sleep paralysis. Basically, while you're experiencing REM sleep, the stage of sleep during which dreaming occurs, your brain completely paralyzes your body. The purpose of this is thought to be to prevent people from injuring themselves by acting out their dreams. If you happen to open your eyes while dreaming (an experience that happens by accident once per lifetime on average), you will see your dreams taking place against the background of reality. This can be an absolutely terrifying experience. Dreams are always based on real experiences, and your story seems to be no exception. For instance, the alien with the elongated head who comes from a non-technological background might have its roots in the fourth Indiana Jones movie. Have you seen that, by any chance? And blowing up a planet with a machine sounds like a reference to the Death Star from Star Wars. As for the end of the story, I would attribute that to paranoia. That's not an insult--if I had gone through an experience as horrifying as yours, I'd probably start sensing things that weren't there, too. Anyhow, I hope I've offered an explanation that can appeal to your rational sense! Best of luck in making sense of everything!
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2013-11-13)
That is so odd and interesting. I wonder why a basic civilization would be destroyed by what is apparently very advanced technology? What could have been the threat?
Thanks for sharing.

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