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Visitor In The Night


I'm kind of nervous about telling this story but I do need some help and after the dead end I've reached through all the research, I hope I can find some here.

Ever since I was a little girl I've had these states of sleep paralysis. While in these states a little furry creature would walk up and down by body. Throughout the years, as I have learned what I am and how to control my gifts I have learned how to get out of the paralysis an befriend the creature. With doing that I learned that the creature is a familiar or pet of some sort of someone else watching me. Human, demon, or other creature I cannot say.

He came to me first as just a voice. I was frightened at first because I didn't know what this was or where he was trying to take me. His reaction to me being frightened was never pleasant. Strong winds would come and I would have to hold on to the railing of my bed for my life.

Now other things come for me at night and I usually can figure them out and fight them with ease. This one is very difficult to figure out though. I finally taught myself to stay calm when he comes and was finally able to see and speak with him. What makes it so difficult is that when I do see him he's always in disguise. He puts on a face of a friend or someone I know but I know its not really them.

I knew not to show any fear or negativity towards him because I knew he and his pet would get upset. So I went with him to different places, a house where we visited a baby girl, another where there was groups of people, and sometimes we crossed over to the other realm. I thought if I just went along with him I could speak to him and figure who he is. I asked questions but he was always vague with the answers. He only told me one thing clearly. That was that we've met already in this realm. He's given me two different names so I know that he is not giving that one up easily. I know for sure he has taken a strong liking to me. He greets me with kisses, caresses me, and at times tries to have his ways with me. He acts like a man does when he's with the love of his life.

The past few weeks have been the most peculiar. I was crashing at a friend's house when I felt something touching my legs. Thinking it was the little creature I put my hand out to say hello as I always do. Then something jumped on top of me. I saw a hairy ape-like chest, birds legs and a bald head. It was trying to smother me. As I was fighting it suddenly disappeared and my visitor was there.

He didn't come back for a while after that until this morning. I woke up early to my phone going off, then drifted back to sleep. The pet came first as always then him. As usual he kissed and caressed, then asked "Where were you last time? That wasn't your room." Not wanting to upset him, I simply said I didn't remember. He grabbed my left hand and put a ring on my finger. I instantly knew this wasn't good so I took it off and said "what is this?"

I tried to leave but each time I was waking up he pulled me back. The last time he did was by putting his hands around my neck and squeezing. I pushed him off and tried to leave again but he grabbed me and started hitting me. Now as I said before, other things have come, so I'm not defenseless. I always have my protection. I used it, prayed, and fought back. When I awoke I was sore all over and still catching my breath.

I have a wide range of gifts and knowledge of the supernatural, but this one has absolutely stumped me. If anyone can give any information as to what this could be, a demon, another gifted, or some other entity it would be much appreciated. Thank you much for taking the time to hear my story.

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BrokenBeauty (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-25)
It's madelyngonzales_87 [at] Thank you I will take any help I can get. I was starting to think that I'm going crazy.
SuperHero (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-25)
Hey what's your email? I don't think I live far from you I may be able to help you.

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