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Drawn To Certain Houses


my name is Kyah and I have always felt a lot of things and never really looked into it too much until the older I got the more stronger feelings I was getting. Especially towards houses if I'm driving I will be drawn to certain houses and certain windows. A few times I have freaked friends out by saying "wow I didn't know you had a cat" "what Kyah I don't have one" even though I see animals roaming the house like they live there.

Also after I gave birth to my son 6 months ago its really strong.

Christmas night I was about to go to bed I had a couple of drinks but not drunk at my sister in laws house. Her bathroom and kitchen tiles are made of of cut grave stones so I can feel energy. I went to sleep in the upper lounge room where no one sits or entertains themselves and as soon as I laid my head down, I started seeing dark things but the feeling I got was so intense and unreal. I was a bit confident so I asked who are you what are you doing here and why are you communicating with me, it must of angered this spirit all I could pick up on was it was a man teenager or older it was very immature and childish and I was not allowed to sleep there, I could sleep anywhere else and my son could sleep up there not me though, even though I can't see hear or touch the feelings were so intense pushing me out of the room until I ended up running out of the entire house to my husband and said I'm being told to not sleep in the upper lounge. My husband's a skeptic but believed me because I was so frightened.

I was so shaken up I didn't tell anyone until I was at a party last weekend and I could feel this girl watching me she came up and said you might think I'm crazy but I can do readings and you have an ability. So we had a couple of drinks because that's when I feel the most and she started to think of a thought we did a colour a person and an event that happened and I got all of it right I described her father even though I have never seen him the colour blue and her at the park where something happened who only her parents and best friend knew. I can see them through their eyes and what they feel. I did a memory of my husband as a child and got it spot on I'm a bit frightened as one friend who I have got back in touch with had a friends book which I wrote in and I must of been 16 and it said I'm most spooked and dreams are of haunted houses. Question is have I always had this ability or am I completely crazy please help.

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langdon09 (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-25)
That does make a lot of sense I'm pretty strong when it comes to personal space I stand grounds when it comes to my family and my house I must sound like an idiot when I say "stay out of my home your not welcome here I'll deal with it elsewhere" but it definitely works. Well it's Australia day tomorro so I'm putting my skills to the test and I'll get back to yas let's hope you and me are right thank you so much
Newbegin (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-25)
I think I can safely tell you you're not crazy because of the experience you had! I read people too. That ability used to be a lot stronger for me than it is now. I think because at that time it was the strongest, I did nothing with it. I hope that makes sense! I'm trying to tell you to just go with it. See where it is leading you. It's an exciting gift to have! It's fun and can potentially keep you out of possible "sticky" situations! But it's nothing to be taken for granted or misused! Hope I helped. Oh and journaling is great!

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