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Another Encounter With The Little Girl


So its been a long time since I last wrote on this website, I haven't had any experiences up until now. A while ago I kept experiencing dreams about sharks attacking people on a beach, so I found out a couple weeks ago that the same type of sharks attacked a couple people in a beach in Egypt, the same beach as in my dream! I have tons of proof because I had these dreams everyday for weeks so I wrote all the details and started to draw pictures of the beach, so when it happened my mum was shocked because I kept telling her about it for a while. I also found out WHY I was having the dreams about this shark attack, it was because my sister traveled to Egypt that week to surf with her boyfriend, luckily they wasn't attacked by the sharks but if they had I wouldn't have even known to tell them! So after this I told the 'thing' that gives me these dreams to stop because I don't receive reliable information on the whereabouts of the event, the shark attack could have taken place on ANY beach so how am I to tell which beach it would take place at, so the dreams stopped which made me relieved... UNTIL this week.

I thought I stopped having dreams like this but recently something woke me up at around 4am and I laid in bed wondering why I was awake at this time, then suddenly I ended up in a dream like state (I knew I was dreaming because 5 minutes later I woke up...) so in my dream I was still laid in my bed at 4am with my bedroom door open on my left. Then from my right I heard this loud whispering coming from my wardrobe mirror (just like the experience 10 months ago...) then I found that I couldn't move and I was paralyzed from the fear. The whispering slowly got closer and was soon right next to me, the whispering was just not understandable. My legs then started slowly moving to my left, my body obviously moved to 90 degrees to the right and my legs shut my door then I was placed back into my original position, I felt defenseless because I could not move any part of my body. So with my door shut and the Whispering right next to me, I felt like whatever it was, was going to hurt me so I closed my eyes and just imagined a white ball of light blasting back the spirit and then I instantly woke up and shouted "MUM!"

Now...minutes later after calming myself down I fell back to sleep and dreamt about 2 men getting out of a small white van and just before they opened the door, the van exploded. I tried to help the one man who managed to get out of the van which was on fire, but the other man had died, every time I tried to help the man something would prevent me from getting near him, and I could see that his skin had melted and he was bleeding, so I woke up crying, and again I fell asleep and dreamt of one plane crashing to the ground and another plane just dropping from the sky, I really feel quite scared to go to sleep because I feel this little girl is taunting and torturing me! I don't know why, have I created an entity from fear or something? And she ALWAYS comes from mirrors, should I get a new wardrobe?

I now find myself frightened of the dark and I'm 16! And this story is a real personal experience and is 100% serious, I'm just asking for any advice

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AnandaHya (guest)
13 years ago (2011-01-10)
Mirrors I used to have nightmares about mirrors. I actually told my husband we couldn't have any in the bedroom, when he wanted to buy me a very pretty vanity.

My son tells me things come out of the TV and attacks him in his sleep (needless to say I removed the TV from his room) He's five years old, I'm not sure what the future holds.

My advice is to remove the mirror from your bedroom. Meditate and pray on your bed (laying down or sitting up which ever you prefer) find a mudra and yana that is comfortable for you and relax and remember Joy, Love, compassion.

My suggestion is to count your blessings, think of all the things you love about life, the people the thing food the sensations, etc.

I imagine it as a clear white light that radiates from the heart outwards. Make boundaries around yourself, then your bed, then your room and your whole house if you like. I wouldn't have it beyond you house yet because it takes more energy to have a bigger shield. That's why when I'm physically sick I shield only myself and pray that God will shield my family and friends.

Peace, light and love may the be spears you can hurl at the darkness.;)

Feel free to email me. Clupt012 [at]
Mel33 (38 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-10)
You get used to it after awhile. I still have things such as that happen to me and I'm 30 years old. However, I'm not nearly as afraid as I used to be... On occasion, but rarely.
My sudden visions are probably the most startling.
SkyRealm (5 stories) (65 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-10)
I don't know why, but every night demons are visiting me, they try tro harm me. Someone very smart reminded me that they can't hurt me, unless we give in to fear. Its tough, but you can't fear it. Scoff t it, laugh at it, sing hymns and smile, and it should leave you, pray... Alot to god, and ask for protection when she comes around. Dont fear her... Thats the only info I know... I'm still trying to get over it... I too am becomeing afraid of the dark, and UIts embarassing!

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