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Dreams That Come True


I'm not claiming that I have a gift of precognition but I do have dreams that happen, I even have proof because every time I dream I usually write it down or draw what happens, I can normally tell the difference between a dream and a future dream because the future dreams have such detail that its too real for me to handle.

I had a dream at around the 5th of July 2010 that was so real and it made me wake up in tears. I was in a desert with 2 Mediums (2 men) and they was trying to find out what happened to a little boy and where his body was. They gave me little details like he was Mexican (I think) aged 10 and his family originated from china, had gone missing. They also told me a boy shot himself in a barn near us. While they left me alone while they searched for his spirit I decided to try and contact him, so I sat on the ground and placed my hands on the dirt beside me, I then closed my eyes and asked the little boy to come to me and then that split second a murky cloud surrounded me and I opened my eyes slowly. In front of me was a little boy on a 3 wheeled red bike. He was definitely Chinese/Mexican, he wore a blue shirt (I think) and he was certainly wearing a Red baseball cap. I stood up and asked him his name. I can't remember it but it reminded me of the names "Milo" "Chase" and "Riley". He then turned around and started riding towards large rocks that laidd on the ground, In the background there was a huge canyon (I don't know if there are canyons in Mexico" so I started to follow him. He soon got to a Big boulder with a cactus next to it and then got off him 3 wheeled children's bike. He looked behind me and smiled, "hey? I fixed em" I turned around to look where the voice came from.

There was a 16-17 year old male who was pushing 2 dirt bikes. The little boy ran towards the bike and the teenager helped him onto the bike. He instructed the little boy how to accelerate and stop and climbed on his bike. I tried to stop the little boy by shouting "stop its dangerous!" but they couldn't hear me, I even walked in front of them waving my arms screaming stop! But they could not see me at all. The teenager smiled at the little boy and said "first one to the cactus" they both pulled the handle back and the bikes both accelerated. I sprinted as fast as I could after them but I couldn't keep up. They reached the cactus and the teenager stopped but the little boy couldn't stop and his vehicle kept accelerating, The teenager screamed "Stop!" but the little boy couldn't and tried to steer his way left but he crashed into a huge boulder that must have dropped off the canyon behind it. As soon as the bike hit the boulder it exploded and the little boy lay burnt on the ground, The teenager ran towards him with tears streaming down his face. I watched in horror because there was nothing I could do. The scene turned to a sudden change to night and there was the teenager digging a huge hole in the ground behind a building. He placed the remains of the little boy and bike into the hole and threw the burnt red hat into the hole and put all the piles of dirt back into the hole. The teenager was still crying and now wiping the sweat off his head, after burying the remains of the accident the scene changed again to inside the building which looked like a barn because there was straw on the floor. I was stood in front of the teenager who was holding a gun to the temple of his head and he cried and said "I'm sorry (the little boys name) " and shot himself.

I woke up inside my dream from where I was sat on the desert ground and stood up. The two mediums from before came along and I told them what had happened. I showed them where I saw the burying and we started digging and found the body of the little boy.

So what had happened was the teenager was having fun with the little boy on the bikes but there was an accident because the little boys brakes failed and he crashed and died, the Teenager felt so guilty he couldn't live with the thought of killing the little boy so he shot himself.


This must have been a dream or the past or the future I still haven't checked yet but I will soon be researching to see if this event has actually happened, well hope I haven't bored you to death:S

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A5 (2 stories) (144 posts)
14 years ago (2010-12-17)
I'm sorry about your dream. If more like that come they might get worse. Usually I get them as visions, but sometimes they are in dreams. I feel disasters coming and when they happen. Often I watch people die. NOT FUN. I sympathize.
Also, I See my past lives and can tell if things have happened yet. Your dream was probably going on just then or in the Future.
Here's hoping you don't turn out like me
Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-14)
Doesn't mean she wasn't there, AmIPsychic;)

Spirits are around us all the time, whether we are aware of them or not.

Blessed be
AmIPsychic (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-14)
Heyy my Aunt Stacy died about a year ago...

And I closed my eyes... And said "Aunt stacy I just want to see you so when I open my eyes please be there..." and nothing was there... /:
Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-13)
Hmm it will certainly be interesting to see if this dreams turns out to be something that has happened, or will happen. Maybe you'll never know--I've had vivid dreams about spirits that I never could learn the true identities of for all the internet searching I did... The sad fact is that many people go missing whom are never reported on the news, and whom are never found.

I once had a dream about an African woman who showed me how she died (a flood). I freaked out, but she smiled and was happy, and told me everything was alright. Sometimes I wonder if she told me only because wanted someone to know before she passed on, and perhaps she couldn't get through to her living relatives, I don't know. Perhaps one of these boys just wanted you to know, too.

Let us know how it turns out, peace and blessings

-adah (25 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-12)
that's sad I am so sorry that happened: (I hope it doesn't come true: (maybe it did. Sorry I am not good at paying attention
JohnGriffiths (3 stories) (13 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-12)
heyy sorry if no-one can read this I wrote it at like 1:30am haha

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