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Fr a while now I've had no "experiences" because I told whatever gives me my premonitions to just leave me alone for a while because I constantly had dreams about shark attacks on a beach and it turned out that the reason I had these re-occurring dreams was because my sister went to Egypt and just before she got there several people were attacked by white tip sharks on a beach EXACTLY like my dream, I checked on the internet and looked at the pictures of the beach and it was the same one as in my dream! And I have posted on here a while ago explaining that I kept having shark dreams so that's proof. Well anyway... I told whatever to stop giving me the dreams because there's nothing really that I can do because, I don't know where my dreams take place so that's no help.

The other day something woke me up at around 4am and I laid in bed conscious then I suddenly entered a dream state, I didn't know I was in a dream until 5 minutes later. So in my dream state I was still laid in bed and I heard this girl whispering from my mirror on my wardrobe which is next to my bed (on the right) so I listened to what she was saying but it got louder and just didn't make sense, then my body froze and I was paralyzed and I just laid there trying to shout my mum, but nothing would come out of my mouth. My legs then swung from my bed and slowly closed my bedroom door (which was open and is on my left) and got placed back on the bed. The little girl then gave this evil giggle and I know she was going to hurt me so I closed my eyes and imagined a light emitting from inside me and creating a bubble and I suddenly awoke and shouted "MUM" extremely loud. Then the next day a similar thing happened, but this little girl keeps coming to me all the time, entering my bedroom from my mirror and shes come to me at least 4-5 time now, it actually makes me afraid of the dark and I'm 16!

After this happened a second time I looked in my mirror and told her to leave me alone and that night I had a dream that I was on a street watching 2 men about to get out of their small white van and it exploded, killing one of the men and leaving the other man burnt, I tried to help him but every time I tried I just wouldn't be able to do anything, then I woke up and fell back to sleep and dreamt about 1 airplane crashing into the ground and then another airplane just dropping from the sky, I honestly don't know what to believe at the moment, whether they are my "future dreams" or whether its that little girl taunting me, does anyone know how to get rid of unwanted spirits?

Or is it something else like maybe I'm creating an entity from fear or something?

P.s I'm sorry if you are bored reading this but I just feel I need help from people similar to me (in all regards this is serious and I'm not just writing a made up story)

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AnandaHya (guest)
13 years ago (2011-01-05)
how to get rid of unwanted spirits?

Lord I've been praying about that since the lunar eclipse. Its part of the reason I'm on the site as well. I was hearing voices of the dead constantly that it felt like a family reunion lecture series. They went away after my husband's grandfather past January 1st.

The best way to get rid of spirits or at least take away their "power" is to refuse to be scared of them. Treat them like living people, if they are ghost point out the fact they can walk through walls and are probably dead. Ask why they don't want to cross over and pray with them if they want to and don't know how.

If they are something else have faith in God's love for you and the knowledge that the power within you is stronger than anything found in the world, and they won't be able to harm you. At least that is what I do when faced with shadows and darkness that radiates fear.

I'm a empath so sometimes the fear in my heart I recognize isn't mine and the shadow is actually scared of me. Sometimes its people astral projecting without even realizing it or people dream walking and to them I look like the shadow. It is a matter of persception. Email me if you want to talk more;)

I'm going to read the other stories now and should be starting a new job on Monday so won't check this site that often.

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