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The ghost is a dark shadow who is tall like a man. The first time I saw him was when I was in fourth grade. Me and my best friend saw him standing right there by the basement stair case. Now he is scaring the whole family, whenever you climb that stair case it feels like the walls are going to close in on you. Most people say they feel claustrophobic while climbing those stairs. Today, I had a experience while I was sitting on the couch with my back to the top of the stairs watching TV he tries to touch me. When I looked back I couldn't see him but I could since that he was either going to hurt me or he was going to scare the crap out of me. I yelled at him because I was feeling threatened. Then I could feel him walk behind me as I switched chairs to calm my nerves.

How do I get him to stop being a pest? What do I say to him to make him leave us alone besides yelling at him and asking him to leave? Can I take his picture without upsetting him? What if he is there to protect us from something else that is down there? How do you tell if he is good or bad?

Also, after I saw this black figure in fourth grade I saw a white figure that looked like a woman. She was hovering over a rocking chair in my room. I didn't like what I saw because she gave me a feeling of uneasiness. So, when I was 13 I got saved, and it appears that I have lost the ability to see them, but I can still feel them around me.

Recently I have almost been in three car accidents, the first one I ran a stop sign because I didn't see the warning sign, instead I saw a busy high way at the bottom of the hill, and anyway I tried to slow down and didn't stop in time, so I kept going because the guy was turning and saw me not stop. The second one I was on a major highway coming home from the beach I was driving my dads car and I got in the fast lane and the guy in front of me stopped for the tunnel, well I wasn't paying close attention and I stomped on the breaks to not hit him, well luckily the guy behind me saw it and stopped in time to not hit me... But he was not so lucky so it was a three car pile up behind me. The most recent was on my way to class last semester I was stopped behind a truck turning into a gas station, that morning I got cussed at because I cut her in line for the gas pump. Well anyway, I had that feeling I was going to get in a wreck, and she was going to hear about it on the news. Well, she didn't hear about it on the news, because the car that was going to hit me got hit by a minivan. Call me lucky if you want, but I don't think its luck. But I have had really bad dreams about me being on the side of a road talking with a group of people because I we were involved in a car wreck. So will my luck run short, or will I just be lucky all my life?

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DCinAZ (guest)
13 years ago (2011-02-08)
~The incedents involving your traffic near misses are most likely just that, near misses. You're dreams of that are probably a reminder to yourself to pay better attention when operating a vehicle. Please be more careful and remember the first rule, Drive Defensively, always watch out for the other guy.
~Now, for your problem at home with this entity. First of all you must be confident and steadfast when dealing with those that refuse to leave. It's your home, your families home. This entity doesn't pay rent, right? (lol) Well that means you hold all the cards here, never forget that. Confidence reigns supreme, I can't stress this more. The sooner you get over your fears, the easier this becomes. Fear is generated mostly in Hollywood, fear sells movie tickets and leaves it's mark on your psyche. The things they put in those movies are the product of imagination, you are not living in a movie set and this entity has not, at least by your account, actually harmed anyone. Just because it shows itself as a dark shadowlike figure doesn't necessarily mean that it is evil. There are theories out there that when attempting to manifest itself, the energy needed to do so may not be enough and what ends up showing is just a shadowlike vision of itself. Which could also mean it doesn't have much strength to do more than what it's shown you thus far anyway. But, that is just theory. Don't assume you know what it can or can't do.
~Set down rules that must be followed if this entity wants to remain in the home (some just refuse to go). Be as precise as possible, leave nothing to chance. Make a list ahead of time with your rules and expectations. For example:
1) Do not show itself to anyone, as that causes them to be afraid.
2) No sudden or loud noises.
3) Remove itself from areas where family or friends are present at the time.
4) Do not scare or harm any family pets.
~ These are just an example of what you might want to put on your list. Leave nothing to chance, be the boss.
~ Next you want to get these rules and expectations across at a time when you will have it's utmost attention and not a lot of distraction. You don't need to do this alone either. You can do it as a family, or just two of you, whatever makes sense for your situation. Turn off all distracting appliances (TV, stereo, dishwasher, etc), you want to have it's full attention. Just be resolute and firm.
~~If none of thios is to your liking, you may want to discuss this with your religious leader and ask to have the house blessed. Get some Holy Water (you can use this in a spray bottle if you like) and spray liberally where ever you feel the presence, around the beds, doorways, windowsills and anywhere you feel it will help. Burn lavender inscence, charged sea salts around beds, doorways and windowsills. Reciting the 23rd psalms is always good, but you can use the prayers of your choice.
~~In either case, wnatever you decide to do, do it with resolve. "Knowing" it will work is the key, you have to "know" that the method you choose WILL WORK.~~

Stay positive! 😊

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