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The Circle Of Truth


I am Melissa.

This is more of an experience that is not understood rather than a story. I was wondering what is going on with me.

Please read all and help me with serious responses.

Monday morning, 12 am +, I was doing deep stretches, massaging area's of my feet and others. All of the sudden I began to realize which pressure points were related with what area of my body. It was cool to begin with... I was learning something.

I began with deep breathing and stretching the muscles or bones that were related to the pressure points. My body began to get too personal with me. I moved from my feet to any area that my body took me to, and they were all related to each other. The breaths began to deepen into places in my head that were unfamiliar to me. I began to tire at points, I began to fear at some points, But my body would move me to other areas which would temporarily relieve these feelings.

As the intensity neared my brain deeper and deeper my inner some thing began to speak to me, subtle truths. I started to repeat words, realize things about the "world" around me, and see that each person in my life relates to an area in my body that is unaligned and constantly hurting.

For example: there is an area inside my foot that became numb after child birth, all the way up to my back. Every time I would stretch this nerve My husband would come up in my thoughts. Anyway, it is MUCH MORE complex than that but I continued and it spoke to me. Things I never knew, things someone can't tell you about life.

Then all of the sudden I noticed that My husband's breathing was imitating the sensations in my body as I moved. Not only the sensations but my thoughts, and everything that was happening around me (it was early, early morning and my husband and child were DEAD ASLEEP in my room, my sister, in the next room, and my mother across the house).

I noticed that when I would move a certain way his breathing would change. I also noticed when appropriate my child would make noises or breath in sync as well. Like when a thought or feeling came up about her she would move or make a sound. Then If my sister came up in my thoughts and her "portion of my body" was touched I would hear a bang on the wall from where her room is next to ours.

This went on until I broke the cycle of "Doing Everything Correctly"

I even noticed that the simplest things would draw my attention in the room... Details... And "IT" told me that these represent every little thing that was not correct in my life. Like socks left on the floor could mean that I need to go out and heal a specific person!

I can't go more into detail because it is hard to make sense of.

But PLEASE write me! I'm BEGGING. I need someone to talk to about this.

I don't know if this topic makes any sense.

I also know this sound like a meditation... But It was something far beyond my normal comprehension. It happened out of no where... And it made me feel like we are all... One thing. I wanted to be afraid, Because you may not understand that it was scary as SH.T! But it wouldn't let me be... Now that I am back on normal plains... I am a bit afraid, confused, and depressed!

If any of you would like, you can Email me at

Because this is a serious matter to me and I really would like to talk to someone about it.

Thank you for taking time to hear me out.

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Edmund (578 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-27)
melissajane39... Thats a powerful experience. And I believe that it is pretty rare to "wake up" like that almost all at once. My curiosity wants to know if you can repeat the experience or if it was a once in a lifetime event. And now that you got a glimpse of interconnectedness do you see any way to use it to help watch over your loved ones or to gain some insight on what they may be going through so that you can offer advice or to even advance their spiritual journey in life?
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
14 years ago (2009-10-27)
I just wrote in my last comment about meditation. All meditation can really mean is some quiet time. It's like some mantra I keep saying and this experience you shared is exactly why. "Go within, be quiet, meditate." We can't hear our higher selves if we're yapping all the time, or with music and sound blaring.

Is it the circle of truth or the penetration of truth? Your conversation with your higher self (another thing I just talked about in my last post) happens when you're open to it. When your quiet and you let your ego step aside for a moment. Then it can be heard.

It is difficult for any human to articulate the feeling of oneness but I think you did a fine job of it. One of my favorite authors is Byron Katie. She was slowly going insane because she was fighting everything in life, including those very socks on the floor you talked about, until one day, suffering deeply in some half-house, that she too realized that it was all perfect! That those socks were just fine on the floor and it wasn't the socks on the floor that was the problem, but her thinking about it in the way she did. She had the epiphany of the oneness you spoke of.

See, you're conscious now! You've been blessed with actually witnessing what it takes most people a lifetime to feel and understand.

As for the depression, that's normal too. Byron Katie calls it "the work" because it never ends until you're fully realized. We don't just come to the understanding of oneness and, poof, we're ascended masters. We have to live it and every day. Over and over we will forget it and over and over our higher self will remind us of this until we live and breathe it. Then you, and this sounds truly amazing, will then be able to do the things that Christ said, "Greater miracles than this, ye shall do."

I only check responses for about 24 hours or so, but you're free to write me at eclecticraven - at - I know about this road because I've been down it a thousand times.


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