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Would He Be Telling The Truth?


I met this really interesting guy out in my journey's one day, I love meeting interesting people especially when they have amazing stories like on this site.

We went away to Albany, Western Australia for a holiday and stayed in a hotel, we stayed up all night talking about spiritual stories.

I don't know if he was telling the truth but he was telling me that in his home town in Sri Lanka he was very well known as he could speak to peoples passed loved ones, heal people and take evil spirits out of people.

When asking him how he could do any of this, he said that angels would whisper in his ear and tell him things and borrow him healing powers and that is how he new certain things others don't, he wouldn't tell me too much of anything he kept saying he couldn't say too much as he is not aloud and could upset them... (Also he told me heaps of stuff about the angels and there powers and heaps of other things and told me I shouldn't tell anyone as the angels will be angry) - is this true?

I asked if he could heal me and see if I have any bad energy in me and he said he would rather not because since being in Australia he drinks and says if doing anything spiritual it will not be accurate and also the angels do not speak to him much anymore because of this...

I kept pleading him to do something he said "I will just do some healing" he waved his hands slowly around me while we sat on the bed and started saying something in Arabic, then when I opened my eyes I don't know why but he said look at your face in the mirror I said I was too scared to so I never did.

When we slept later that night I had the craziest dream I haven't had this dream since I was a kid. I am standing in the middle of a cliff shuffling across it while there is rough ocean below me and they keep crushing on me and try to pull me off the cliff but I never let go (as a kid I never let go either) I want to know if anyone knows what this means?

Then what happened from here onwards has never happened to me in my life, actually I have never experience any spiritual things or weird circumstances except the occasional d je vu.

I am a really great sleeper I never wake up during the night and fall asleep straight away but that night after that dream I woke up burning like really really hot and sweating so bad and I felt like something was watching me and I felt scared, so I woke him up and told him please to turn on the light cause I was scared and please turn on the aircon it was boiling but he was not hot at all. I told him what happened and he was smiling and said I told you if we fall around with this stuff and you hang around me then the angels that are around me, you will feel too. He said don't be scared you just feel the presence of the angels around us and your scared cause you have never experienced before. If it was angels why would I feel scared?

I told him about my dream and he said that's amazing. Now that is the fire spirit (I think he called it) testing you in your dream and you are burning up because he must have touched you briefly while you were sleeping and that is why you woke up sweating.

From then on I woke up early mornings and kept feeling like there were something's watching me.

After our holiday he came over mine and I told my best girlfriend about him and he did a reading on her but he made a weird noise so we just lost it laughing so he didn't continue and after that night we lost contact and didn't speak much anymore.

I live in a 2 year home and have never felt unsafe in my room but after meeting him I continued to wake up at 3am every morning and feel like I was being watched I would feel so awkward I slept in the lounge room on the couch for 3 months, I thought I was crazy but I had 2 friends come over and told me they get a weird vibe off my room and 1 friend said she felt scared even going past my room. I got in contact with him cause I was scared asking him what he has done as I am scared he assured me that its just your angels watching over you and being around him has made me more sensitive but why would I feel this scared if they were good?

I don't know if the chanting he did over my body in Arabic did it, or when me and my girfriend laughed at him when he tried doing a reading on her in my room. Or he is telling the truth but it took me 3 months until I felt safe to go in my room again please let me know if anyone knows if what he was saying is true and if anyone knows what I was feeling?

I know there are heaps of people making up stories about this 3am business but I actually found this site because I was searching to find out the meaning or reason I was getting woken up at 3 am, does anyone know what this means? I was told by a friend she has an angel book on number meanings and it only means my guardian angel is watching over me, but then on here people are saying 3am is the time that evil spirits play tricks on us, also a guy on here told me it sounds like I was getting harassed by a djinn demon, so I read a bit on this and the bad dream part is true but do djinns make us feel like we are burning up?

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stephyw2001 (3 stories) (108 posts)
11 years ago (2012-10-30)
3 am is simply, and literally, the middle of the night. REM sleep generally goes in 3 hour cycles, and the average human bladder does not like holding it in for longer than 3-5 hours. So by 3 am it is very common to wake up, without any real paranormal or psychic reason. If you want to believe it was due to being paranormal, then again, it gets back to the body having accomplished REM sleep, and in that sleep, you may have seen something from an ethereal plane perhaps. Its hard to say, but the actual waking up, to me is simply natural and I wouldn't worry about it.
As far as that guy goes, I would be careful how much you put your trust and beleif in that guy. I'd be very skeptical myself, but that's just me.
trusted_soul (2 stories) (8 posts)
11 years ago (2012-10-30)
cheshire cat your post made me laugh:) yes of course I'm not gullable and going to believe him completely but I do know there are people out there with gifts like this and was hoping to hear some of peoples views on this and there experiences:)

Krislove very nice advice I actually recently bought archangel micheal cards to ask the angels advice and I will look up spiritual awakening symptoms or Kundalini awakening thank you

Thank you all for your advice and pathr yes I was quite aware he maybe trying to do that guys try anything.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-12)
I have a little bit of a problem as this individual
Is not of a pure nature!
He used what he stated was his ability, to
Coax you into bed, therefore manipulating the whole
Situation to his own advantage. Many of these individuals
Have a charisima that draws people to themself.

There are a few out there that have an of ability, but are not wholesome.

I would go a Healer and pay a fee to see if they find any excess opening of a chakra, or attachments.
Therefore closing any excess openings and blanancing your chakras, as well as release any spirit attachments that shouls not be there.
Imbalances, and chakras leave us feeling afraid, isolated
And not feeling like ourself. This is our natures way
Of raising red flags.

With a true opening or Ephiphany, comes an awareness of unconditional love and peace weather this be Angels or spirit helpers. You seem to have a knowing and know your own
Energy other wise you would not be questioning the irregularities. If there is no true peace. That is a "Red
Flag! It is best to listen to your self.
Krislove (65 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-11)
Also, the 3am thing, I believe that happens because this is the time of the day where the veil to the other side is the thinnest. I believe it is so because this world is really just a collection of frequencies and at night when the sun is down the ionosphere raises and there's better signal. This is just how the world works. So it is my theory that 2-4am is the best time get messages from the other side.

Have you ever considered that you might be having a spiritual awakening? If you would like to know more, look up spiritual awakening symptoms or Kundalini awakening along with the words, Hot, heat or whatever symptoms you are exhibiting. That is if you have already ruled out a medical condition.
Krislove (65 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-11)
Have you ever heard of the law of attraction? This law states that if you think about something enough it will likely come true because you are in essence, attracting the energies needed to bring on such an experience. I would suggest you do some clearing. This will help you realized that you are safe. What I do is I write up 4 charms on paper and hang them in all four corners of my room. It charm could read anything, mines is something to the effect of, this is my sacred space, no other being can enter this space without my express invitation. You could write whatever you want on it, then hanged them up. If you could get your hands on some incense or sage you can burn them to clear the energies.

I also have angels who guides me but they've never told me not to tell others nor had they ever implied that something bad can happened. This does not sound like any angels I know of. I work with Archangel Micheal a lot. If you're scared and don't want these beings to bother you then tell them to go away, in a very firm voice. You can't show fear. Know that you have the power to drive them away if that is what you wish and forget about this man. It seems like every time you think about him you are bringing this energy back into your life. It's like reliving a memory, when the feelings and emotions return, you are thinking about the events and the feelings attached to it. When you get a bad feeling, think of a good memory and replace that feeling right away. This will have to be gradual, once the seed has taken root, you have to uproot it and it takes time, but if you are diligent you will get to a point where you are no longer afraid. If you need more help you can message me.
CheshireCat (35 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-11)
He's just a little twerp who has some sort of presence around him that allows him to feel like he has these abilities. He has no real power to effect your life, no different then when people go on stage being hypnotized and act out the instructions given... Blow it off and see him as small, tiny... A nothing. Plus realize everyone has 'angelic helpers' but there not likely to make themself known or disturb you in ways you wouldn't like. Just ask for help and it will be supplied... His chants are silly like a child with building blocks that can be knocked back down and rearanged as if they never were. The air will clear and you'll have your peace once more. Cheers

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