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Spirit Of A Different Reality


hey I am going to be 18 years old on Oct. 30 and I definitely don't know how to explain my story, because I don't know what it is myself but I will try my best.

When I was a young kid I could never be alone, because I was always to scared of these voices or sounds I would hear everywhere I go, though they were always very faint of someone calling my name in voices I could never recognize and were always different and never repeated. I knew it wasn't anyone messing with me because I would be alone in the house or wherever.

Then they eventually stopped for about a year or two until I was 13 they started coming back but this time it was only when I would try and go to sleep the voices I have never heard before all calling my name in all these different directions in my head I would just ignore them since I was already used to it.

Eventually those stopped to and I moved on but then I started getting detached from reality as I grew older not knowing why humans worked the way they did and other things like that those thoughts inside me grew stronger everyday and evolved into a very real feeling that's has no word that I know of to describe it. So the best I can do to explain it is a pull from the inside. Since then I had a tendency to go into an auto meditating state that really helped me observe and study just what this "pull" was while I mindlessly went through life not understanding reality much at all.

But why I'm here typing this up today is because as of recently I felt a sort of spiritual feeling inside me that felt like the true me I don't know how but I saw my whole body just for a second as a purple spirit (and its not even my favorite color!) or being or whatever a bit bigger than my physical body that radiated a sort of energy

I went into shock because it gave me a sense of fulfillment thoug I was still clueless of what this was and since then I have been feeling as though the existing reality ends at the core of my body and begins to expand in a whole different dimension that I still feel inside of me and that is where I not only hear but feel these voices now though I'm not sure what they say anymore.

I don't know if I'm crazy or if I came to the right place but some times I can look at myself in the mirror and concentrate so I can feel fluids/energy/bone structure moving plus I can feel energy coming out through my finger tips at times. Is there anyone that can give me some kind of idea what I'm going through or if this is actually normal, but I'm the only one to bring it up haha

What I do know is that my mom can see the dead's spirits sometimes and my grandma has been claimed to be a a voodoo witch doctor or something like that. I'm really open to anything and would love to find out if there's something I could do with this or at least know I tried figuring it out with help instead of on my own

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sked (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2012-10-11)
great I will try this hopefully I can get this energy to grow stronger
Can you go into a little more detail as far as the "nice energies" and me getting attention?

And also should I just ignore the vision I saw of meas the purple spirit or should I concentrate on bringing that out more because I do feel the energy of that spirit through my finger tips
CheshireCat (35 posts)
9 years ago (2012-10-10)
I would ignore the voices as 'nice' energies don't tend to try and get your attention like that especially if it's from 'all different directions'. I've heard things calling my name quite loudly in my head before...I've even heard other peoples thoughts in my head like as I'm talking to them only to spit out in the conversation what they were thinking or beat them to a joke punchline simply because it was there thought and not mine... Which is just weird and annoying.
This line was interesting to me "I can feel fluids/energy/bone structure moving plus I can feel energy coming out through my finger tips at times." I figured I'd comment for this as I've had something give me a similar experience b4. The worst one was when I tried to connect to some girls energy I barely knew and kept seeing an ice queen image and some other energy around her... When I connected I felt it freeze my entire skeletal system... Quit litterally I felt every bone in my body freeze up from the inside out and cold energy just poured through my system. I just thought it was both odd for some girl to give me this reaction or whatever was around her and strange as I never focus on the body that way. Later experiences showed me that everyone outputs energy from all parts of the body and mind and emotions. Idk... Just saying your not crazy and I'm sure in some way your mothers energies/spirit would help protect you. The best advice I can give you is to sleep with a sodalite rock and or amethyst under your pillow to dream of good situation to come of this. The sodalite helps impart knowledge and understanding, the amethyst will help you vividly remember the dreams. You might even want to wear them around during the day, particularly the sodalite as it's both calming and will help you understand things as you experience them without trying. Give it a go, both are cheep rocks that can help access your own wisdom and cause a catalyst from within.

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