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Yale Murder And Orange Park Murder


I had a dream right after the Yale University disappearances that they would find her behind a door with 2 D shaped handles. I felt that the door led under ground. They found her in an electrical locker in the basement of the laboratory she was working in. The doors on an electrical chase are usually heavy metal plates with D shaped pull rings to lift them out of the slots they are in.

I had a dream about a missing girl in Florida. That she was standing in front of a house with a picket fence and dark rimmed windows. The last place she was seen was standing in front of a picket fence that was in front of a house that had a fire. The house is white with black rimmed windows. I feel that there will be an important break in this case regarding a black and white knapsack with a picture of, I think, a penguin. The is a younger male involved. Tall,thin, curly thick hair, probably from the neighborhood. About 15-17 years. No job. Stays around home. I think he still hangs out near the burnt house. I think the schoolbag or knapsack is in a grove of trees and he goes back to look at it. He has dark hued features and poor hygiene. Sometimes wearing the same clothes for weeks.

If anyone else can throw their thoughts into this it might help. The murder occurred a month ago and the killer is still out there in Orange park Fl.

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whealy (1 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-03)
Yes I am aware that authorities won't accept dreams or visions of information already posted in the media, but the dreams I had were before the fact. The investigations turned up the results I listed above, but I wrote down my dreams and shared them with family and others as well as the FBI NY office an Fox News before the facts became public. The other dream or vision if you like, that I've had and passed to the FBI involves the latest terror threat. I told them of my sens that the explosives were in a garage within sight of a NY bridge and in an ethnic neighborhood behind a Dollar Store.
My hope is that other people will read about my dreams and incorporate their own sensitivities into the search for the murderer? Anything to stop him.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
14 years ago (2009-11-03)
For dreams to have any weight with authorities, they've got to be publicly documented "before" the event. Posting them to web pages after the fact won't carry much credibility. If you have dreams on the regular, and are interested in sleuthing, then create your own blog so that you can show a history of accuracy. Until then it's just interesting dream stories.

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