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Seeing Future In Dreams And A Blond Man


Please help. I know it may sound stupid but I believe that when I fall asleep I can see the future. This is my story.

It started around the time that my father left my family and I and when I started middle school. It started out simple. I would see a scene of something in my dream like from a movie in the theatres (usually movies) or from just an everyday thing in a dream. Then it would happen. At first, I just thought it was dejavu, but it wasn't. My dreams became more complex. They would look like a movie and there was a main character (me, I think) which the dream revolved around. In the dream a multitude of things would happen, each leading up to the next. Only a small thing would come true but sometimes the dream would have something very bad happen in it. Most times my dreams became nightmares. I lay awake after that wondering which part of the nightmare would come true.

Not only that, if I start imagining things and listening to music at the same time, I can make things happen. I also keep constantly seeing a blond haired man with blue eyes and glasses, at different ages (ranging from his thirties to five years old) and sometimes without the glasses. He doesn't try to hurt me and when I see him I talk to him, but he only listens. What does this mean?

Mostly my dreams frighten me because sometimes I see family members or friends hurt in a weird way or place. And later that day, I would sometimes end up in that place with that person. I quickly see my way out of it though. I tried telling my mother but she acted like she hadn't heard me.

So please help. Tell me if my dreams will come true if I tell someone or if it will come true if I don't. One last question is... If I didn't know it what was going to happen, would it have happened anyways or did I make it happen by knowing.

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