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Is It All Just Luck


Since I was a boy I managed to do strange things that my mother or father couldn't understand. I'm not even sure what age it exactly started but it was weird.

I could be sitting up in my room up the stairs playing when I was a boy and just out of the blue I would shout down to my mum, who I could here baking or cleaning up in the kitchen that there was something wrong with the T.V. My mum walked through to the living room where the T.V was sitting in the corner and sure enough the T.V was all Snowy and full of interference. My mum couldn't understand how I did it and it happened all the time.

A few months later I was sitting in the kitchen which was just off the living room and I was eating my dinner at the table with my dad when right out the blue I said "Ally McCoist has just scored a goal". My dad just laughed and told me to eat my dinner. Then I told him he's just scored again. My dad looked at me for a moment then walked through to the living room and looked up the football scores on the Teletext, which was the done thing in those days as the Football matches were not on the T.V like they are nowadays. And sure enough Rangers were winning 2-0 and Ally McCoist had scored two goals within five minutes of each other. My dad couldn't believe it. Half an hour after that he asked me what the score was now and I told him 3-0, he went through and checked again, came back and sat down and asked me who scored. I told him Mark Hateley and I was right.

I could always tell who was on the phone before it was answered and who was at the door. But sometimes (which I have noticed more now) is that I can think of something and the total opposite happens. Like I have not had the tooth ache for a while then the next day it happens or I'm glad I've got plenty work on then the next day something happens and I get paid off.

I have seen my self thinking of someone that I have not seen for years and I meet them that same day or think of a film I have not seen on the T.V for ages and it comes on that week. I always get a bad feeling when something is going to happen and something usually does.

But I can't make things happen on demand like the guess the lottery numbers or things like that but I know when I'm going to win money just before it happens. There is probably lots more that's happened and I'm just that used to it I don't notice anymore.

I keep getting the same dream about flying, I don't know if that's connected or what. Just being able to jump and peddle my feet and I can stay in the air for ages. I maybe have made things happen on demand by thinking the complete opposite just hoping that the opposite of what I'm thinking happens. Its all so weird.

Is there anyone else out there like this, is it all just luck or is there any tests which can be taken.

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Ciel- (8 posts)
15 years ago (2010-01-14)
Oh wow, that's sounds kind of fun compared to my gift. Well one of the things I can do is to bring people luck. So I am like a living lucky charm. I am also very senstive to others feelings sometimes its like "ah! This person will die in a car accident in the future" it just pops in my mind, its very weird. But almost no one believe me anyway 😉

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