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Precognition Gone Wrong Or Bad Luck


My psychic experiences turned for the worst. I had a boyfriend we recently broke up, but 3 months before we did I had these nightmares. They were NOT normal psychic visions that I normally have, (very adult), they were about the Devil himself wanting me. He wanted me to have his kids, wanted me to do whatever he said,

And he would do ANYTHING to make me do those things. I am really scared because in my dreams/nightmares, the Devil targets those whom I love, friends, family,

And during this specific dream, my boyfriend. Here is that dream:

I was working at my dream job (forensic cop) and was looking for clues to a crime. I walked into this park and strange people were selling strange things and a woman came up to me with her husband and a basket of things that were being sold and asked, "What are these mam and what do we do with them?". I examined them and they were black coal sized things that moved, I told her."Drop those and run!" She did and out of what seemed like nowhere, from behind the stand where the black objects were being sold were men, not humans. More like aliens. Their eyes looked like they knew what they were doing, what was going on, what would happen and that they would benefit. 5 or more people like that fell from the sky and one seemed to be there leader (the Devil) and he watched me fight for the civilians and protect them as well as beat up his minions. He just watched and after a while he said."I want her (pointing at me) I want her to have my babies." I heard that and was disgusted! Which made me fight more. He (the Devil from my interpretation) jumped from on-top of the stand to where I was (at the time I was running to the exit of the park). I tried fighting like I did with the minions, but he was too strong! I couldn't get up he had me pinned me to the ground as citizens ran past in horror. He hypnotized me somehow with his eyes and was trying to rape me. A thought of love sparked in my mind and I yelled out, "Stop! I will give myself to you if you let me see my husband (my boyfriend) one last time!" he got off me and agreed with the creepiest smile and was gone. I ran home passing people running, screaming, crying, homes burning and crying to myself I opened my door to my house. I walked in like nothing is wrong. My house was huge and mansion-like I wanted to take it all in but I

Wanted to find my husband (boyfriend) before it was too late. Searching through the place I come to a huge bathroom with steam and screamed my boyfriend's name, "BRYAN WHERE ARE YOU?" there was no answer. I get to the corner of the hot tub covered room in the back he is there in swim trunks relaxing and says, "Yes Love?" I asked him, "Babe are you alright?" He looks at me and I stare in horror as I see he has the eyes of the Devil in him, his body was taken over by the one

Person I bargained with and I felt betrayed. When he notices I know it's not really my husband I try and run but he attacks me then and there and does what he wants. END OF NIGHTMARE

I put this here because I have had futuristic dreams in the past and I felt EVERYTHING in this dream it was vivid and clear and I remember every detail to this day. I am worried about my future because it's not looking so bright with these dreams still coming, this is only 1 of 3 like these of my nightmares. Can anyone help me with advice because I need it.

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Eagleclaw (386 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-21)
You are welcome, I wish you much happiness in the future. Have faith and stay strong.
iCfuturelongdistance (2 stories) (21 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-21)
TIGERKING and Eagleclaw that is more help and support I wanted and tough words speak loudest so thanks, and I will be stronger, well try, obviously I needed to be yelled at haha, you two helped a lot more than the people I asked for advice from so THANK YOU -iCfuturelongdistance ❤
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-20)

Tigerking is right. Listen to what he says there. They say "tough times defines a person". You need to stay strong. Believe in yourself. Bad things will most likely happen in life. Its how you get passed them is what matters. Moral support is very important. Give it to others who need it and take it from others when you need it. In your dream you cannot just give in to evil just because you feel like giving up in life. You owe yourself more. If your life is collapsing you need to grow a backbone and take actions to try and make your life better (Sorry for the tough words). You have choices to make. It's all up to you. Have faith and be strong.
TIGERKING (2 stories) (70 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-19)

First of all I want to say that you need to claim the part how you said that you will give yourself to him as void. Do not ever say such a thing, because that will happen. Tell him in your mind that you are your own boss and he can't have you. TELL HIM. He is not strong enough to have you without your consent.
iCfuturelongdistance (2 stories) (21 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-19)
[at] Eagleclaw thank you for the advice with the sage it might be useful, and in my dream it seemed I fought back but... Wanted to be with Him when I looked in the eyes, while watching I was screaming NO!...and my life has been collapsing around me with family troubles and so on and I do surround myself with people who accually care for me... I have a mixture of good and bad I really don't know what else to do... And thank you for providing me with an answer I really do apriciate it ❤-iCfuturelongdistance
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-18)
The fist thing you need to do is to protect yourself spiritually and mentally. Pray to your God on a daily basis. Surround yourself with happy people. Surround yourself with things that will make you smile and laugh. Spritz your house with holy water or smudge it with sage. Next time when you have your dream. Fight him back and tell him to leave you alone even if it is your boyfriend/husband. You must be strong in the dream. And, even when you write, you write in a futuristic pattern. So, this tells me that you feel that your future is not so good. Look at your life. Are you happy? Are you surrounded with people who treat you right? If you are than that is wonderful. If you are not, than you need to do something to change it. You need to be strong and believe that you are entitled to a happy life. Be strong and keep your faith. They will serve you well.

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