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The Begining Of My Training


Recently I have come to terms while my psychic abilities. It was only after I visited my relatives in the country and soon found out I was not alone.

As a little boy I thought the things I saw, and felt where all natural yet in my teenage years I soon found out that it was not the case. I usually would not express what goes on in my life to anyone only because I don't want to scare them, weird them out, or simple anger them if they happen to be a skeptic.

I'm a fan of Lisa Williams, and find her to be amazing, I also have found myself creating links with her abilities and my own. Last night I decided I would do a little bit of research on her, and found a very interesting physic interview that she had done. A number of my questions where answered, a lot of help was given, and my own psychic abilities where named.

In a simple list this is what I find myself being able to do:

On a number of different occasions I have dreams that come true, I feel spirits around in the form of little air pockets. I have the ability to sense and feel what others do in such a way that it can become over whelming. I also can feel how spirits are feeling and pin point what their story may be. I see human auras when I change my eyes to a blurry state, however I do not see colours. On a number of different occasions spirits tend to like to show me how they died either through a vision or through physical pain. I once had a friend of mine commit suicide and at his funeral my head was tilted in a way it felt I was being pushed against concrete, the feeling of gravel was in my mouth and I soon had an instant migraine. I have had other times when a young girl let me feel what it was like to be crushed by concrete pipes. Some times when spirits are around I get pains in parts of my body such as when I was at a hospital the other day the right side of my neck became intensely painful and I had to leave the grounds before it would stop.

After watching Lisa Williams videos I soon discovered why my hands become so hot some times. I have the ability to force energy to my hands, when I was younger I thought that one day I might be able to make fire come out of my hands. It makes sense now that I have the ability to heal with them... Not that iv ever tried it but I will don't you worry.

The problem with me is that I really don't trust my instincts, yet I'm learning how to now. I want to be able to give messages to loved ones from those spirits I feel around me. They don't seem to talk much though. Yesterday however I was sitting in maths and I felt a spirit to the left of me, and my left foot become hot. In my mind I asked what its name was. I had trouble pin pointing what gender, tossing from male and female. The first name that popped into my head was Peter, so I ran with it, then my second leg heated up and I felt that perhaps there was a second spirit. So I asked if there was a second person with us, and then the name Margaret popped into my head. I asked if there was anything they wanted me to tell anyone.

This part was sketchy for it was either no, or the name of the boy in front of me. But that's where I left it. This was one of the first times iv tried to develop my gifts.

I have been meditating lately and I really want to be able to help people and spirits. I'm going to go shopping for crystals to wear soon so that the energy can flow. I also am looking to direct myself away from negative people for it my block the flow.

The meditation seems to be helping I did it this morning before I got out of bed and while I was getting ready for school a little boy named Joe was in my room, He followed me around the house and even took hold of my hand and wouldn't let go, soon my wrist hurt later on.

I'm looking for help on ways to develop my gifts further so please e-mail me to talk.

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camphalfblood3 (3 stories) (22 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-17)
wow you are very talented, Liam. I am also a young teenage psychic, but not like your amazing abilites. I am a telekinetic, a hydrokinetic, a aerokinetic, empath and biokinetic. I am currently working on Electrokinesis, so I will be emailing you very soon. 😁
Oracle101 (2 stories) (506 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-17)
You might find my stories and posts helpful.

The best way to develop your abilities is to let go of all ego and pride. Ego and selfishness restricts development.

Oracle101, Psychic and Medium for 43 years
Always happy to help others
For more advice on this subject and others click on my profile name to read my other posts
singingcedar (1 stories) (25 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-17)
I don't feel physical pain but emotional. I have been told on many occasions that the sounds of my flutes and my touch or embrace brings a wave of peace over people. Spirits also share their emotional pain with me. Maybe you are of the same nature, but yours is with physical pain. Have you considered studying Reiki?
You need to take it slow with developing your abilities, once you really open that gate it can be overwhelming and takes control.
I have two crystals in particular I use, though I have many crystals and other stones. One is a cleansing crystal and the other it helps strengthen a connection between me and someone else, to help the energy flow between me and someone else. I also use them when I am playing my flutes in a healing way. I prefer uncut, unpolished crystals. Some of my stones, strangely were buried in the yard of one of my past residences. Stones have come to me in many ways. If you go to a place that sells them uncut and unpolished close your eyes and put your hand in the container they keep the type of crystal you want in. Hold the one you are drawn to if it heats up, it was meant for you and is probably what I call a "lifer" When I know a crystal isn't a lifer but is meant for a single specific purpose, I usually gift it to someone who likes it or is drawn to it when I show them it.

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