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I take tons of psychic tests and got psychic and I have psychic experiences a lot but I need help controlling it. If this one thing didn't happen I probably would've thought I was psychic. When I was little (probably in 1st or 2nd grade) there was a school carnival and it started storming. They were having a drawing for Webkinz and my mom was pulling out of the school driveway and I said "Stop. I need to go back for my pink poodle." I ran back to where they were announcing the winners and she announced "Lilly Joyce" and I ran up there and she gave me a webkinz bag and I ran back to the car and my mom asked what was in the bag and I said "A pink poodle." She asked me how I knew and I said I had a vision. I have visions but I want to control my abilities. Any help? I've been trying to lucid dream to help my abilities. OH and I sometimes have dreams that happen recently after the dream. I can feel energy in things and I can sense when a person is coming, but sometimes it just happens out of nowhere. I think that there IS something there though. I can't see spirits but can sense them or feel their energy. I NEED HELP CONTROLLING THIS PLEASE:) PS- I think I am an indigo or a crystal. I can heal and have the characteristics of both but I don't know which one I am.

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Lillianaluv99 (1 stories) (6 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-25)
Thank you guys!
I kind of need more on how to like get the future in my head.
sky-controller (3 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-25)
you can be both, I have many gifts some happen when I don't want them to happen like my visions, but not always visions of the future but mostly visions of their past or past lifes so its very frustrating for me I'm 15 and in my last year at school just exercise your mind, try meditating I am also a healer as I'm attuned to reiki 1 but don't worry if they keep on happening, it just means that your suppossed to get them at that time. You normaly can sense spirits around you, you just shrug the feeling of you but if you carnt then that means they want you to know that theyre there enjoy your gifts all I'm going to do is say this one thing, meditating is the key to everything even to yourself. Have fun 😁
taffyinky (4 stories) (108 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-24)
Well with your premonitions, I suggest that you start out by trying to see the immediate future such as a minute or so. Get a good grip on it and let your mind see what it is trying to. You may get it wrong sometimes but eventually you will start to see with more accuracy. Then try to see a little more into the future and add one from there. I did this when I wanted to control my gifts and it worked out for me as well as other people (maybe).

The dreams are also the same as premonitions but I don't exactly know how to help see into the future. That's a bit harder (in my perspective) but try to do the same as I was telling you in my ealier paragraph. Maybe it will work.

I can also sense spirits and kind of just ignore it at times if other people are around. It doesn't exactly bother me but try to sense the spirits vibes to see if its intent is to harm or hang about. Some just want to say good-bye while others are too angry and take it out on the living. If you don't feel comfortable with it being near you then tell it to go away in a stern, comanding voice. They usually follow that but it has to be without fear.

I can also sense the energy in objects and have taken it a step futher to store energy in them. Just think of your energy moving inside of the object and keeping it there. You might feel the object get warmer and that's fine. I have found one website that discusses what might be this gift. I think that were called transformers because we can change the energy from negative to positive and can tap into the earth's energy. Http://

I have felt the earth's energy and can feel it almost as if it's dying when plants don't get the proper nurishment. I think that were here to help heal the earth and all because of what humans have done to it. We are here to give humans a second chance at life along with the rainbow children. I think that we are all here to give humanity a look at something that can be and change their ways before they destroy themselves. I think that too many changes were going on so the mayans couldn't predicite what would happen after 2012, otherwise, why send in all the new children?

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