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Horrible Dreams


I don't feel like going over my life story and experiences. I wouldn't have enough room here, anyway. My name is Stesie and I am fourteen years old. I'm not looking for help but just someone to talk to that understand and to get this off my chest.

A month ago or so, I had a nightmare. It felt like the one that will come true. I don't dream every night and sometimes when I do, they are just dreams. When they are precognitive, I can feel it. Anyway, in this dream I was seeing from a man's point of view. We went to a hill over looking other green hills. The sky was clear and the sun was setting to the right of us. A pale skinned, green or browned eyes woman sat next to me and I loved her. I could feel everything he felt. The love he feels for this woman is so deep. She was smiling and behind her I could see a single tree that was shading us. Then the image changed and we were the living room of a pretty big house. We were laying on the floor (there weren't any couches. It was like we were moving in or out of the house.) Then she began talking.

"There's something I have to tell you." She seemed so hurt by what she was going to say and he was worried. "I'm pregnant." She told me. His first reaction was joy. I mean, he was ecstatic but his mood changed when hers stayed the same. "It's (She said a name with a D but I just didn't hear it or I can't remember it but I know it has a D in it whether it begins with a D or not.) He felt so completely hostile. The father of the baby was his friend. He didn't say anything but he stood up and paced to the restroom where he slammed the door and closed his eyes. I could feel the tears wanting to come out but it was masked with anger then he opened the door and went for the front door and I heard the woman scream for him not to do anything rash (Not necessarily in those words.)

I know something bad is going to happen. I woke up and cried for a while. He's going to regret what he is going to do because he loved her. I feel like he is going to confront the baby's father and things are going to get out of control and the unborn baby is going to die along with it's parents. He'll kill her, too.

Another more recent dream was one of the Illuminati publicly becoming known as the rulers in the time frame of 40 years and 6 months. If they don't do it by then, they never will and their bad reputations will be their downfall. I also saw that my brother is going to die October 13, 1953. I never knew who the Illuminati were until that dream. They were mentioned in an email I got that day but I didn't research who they were until I woke up and the things I read about them seemed correct based on my dream.

I can see/hear/feel and talk to spirits.

I am an Empath. I can tell if someone is lying to me as long as we're not near many, many people like at the mall or public events because of all the emotions I feel.

I get sudden glimpses or images in my head that have to do with the future or someone. They are usually direct pictures that have no obvious meaning at first glance.

I also get sudden words, sentences, pictures or feelings that mean something when I touch certain things.

I also dream the future and sometimes I just KNOW things. It just comes to me. Like, if someone asks me what they're thinking (just for fun, you know, little games we played when we were younger.) and I would always get it right.

My earliest experience that I can remember was at age two. I saw an angel and I told my family about it. I can remember the angel perfectly and there was no "logical" or physical explanation for it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you want to talk more just message me and I'll email you my email address.

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RougeElegance (guest)
12 years ago (2010-07-21)
Dear Stesie,

As I read this, I became more and more convinced that we share a lot of similar abilities.

Have you ever looked at your dream another way? It could possibly mean that you were that man in a past life, if you believe in that...

Otherwise, do you know that couple? Have you seen them before? I think this is the kind of dream that you need to type out or write in your journal about; because you could get clues later on. 😊

-RougeElegance ❤

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