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I'm 24 years old and I have experienced some things that I myself cannot explain, one of which are incredibly barbaric and graphic, but I won't get into detail. The first one was when I was with my girlfriend a little over a year ago. We were just talking in bed then all of a sudden I got really scared, curling myself into a ball and begun shaking and crying uncontrollably. It was like I was looking through somebody else's eyes. I envisioned a girl with long blond hair chained up in a basement being horribly tortured by a tall male standing about seven feet tall wearing a black mask covering his face and another male taping. Not only could I see through her eyes, but I could feel everything she did. This ordeal went on for about 2 hours.

The most recent was about 5 months ago this time I'm not seeing through his eyes, it's like I'm there watching. There's a little boy walking down the road and a blue pickup slowly pulls up offering him candy the little boy grabs for it then everything turns black for a second and I see him again locked in a cellar.

There was a third, but it's sexual in nature, so I won't describe that one at all for censorship purposes of the site. It may sound crazy, but what I say in all this is true and I have the unnerving feeling that what I explained has happened to someone.

What would this be classified as? And has anybody else gone through an experience like this?

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Strigidae (5 posts)
10 years ago (2010-04-16)
Skipp - I experience extremely disturbing visions as well. There have been some that I could attribute to premonitions (they've not been confirmed because I don't look into them), however, I UNDERSTAND the intense fear and shock that happens after visions such as these. I've been in a bed shaking and crying because of visions as well. When they started around 3 years ago, I tried to attribute it to stress and sleep deprivation. However, I've slept and destressed since then, and they still invade my mind when I don't expect them. Around 90% of my visions consist of seeing the dead (in all their sordid glory) or seeing someone's death. I just hope you don't feel alone, because there is SOMEONE out here that knows exactly how you feel!
JCgifted (1 posts)
12 years ago (2008-10-08)
Was the truck a older blue Ford F series? Does this description sound like the guy in the truck?

The man in the truck would probly weight close to 250-300 lbs. Brown hair, grown out breard, older worn flanel jacket, kind of bigger than average nose that's very porus, brown eyes, and has a flushed red complection about him.
GLS (7 posts)
12 years ago (2008-06-30)
I know what you're talking about. I remember something about where a man had visions as things were happening in glimpses of detail and felt the actual feeling that would come with the act being committed. He would think he was seroiusly injured and he was not injured. This was way back in the 1980's. I can't remember the name of it other than it being termed clarvoyant. Paranormal was barely discussed back then in any detail. This type of graphic vision is rarly documented, where it acutally may coincide with acutal events as they are occurring. I think because people are afraid to discuss the details of a terrible vision with anyone. As psychics, that some of the burdens that we carry. You are one of the first that I've heard about coming forward with this in years and who knows maybe that's why I was told about this man years ago because I've never used the information or even repeated the story. I remember something about the person becoming a trusted source, for his clarvoyant abilities, when a crime turned up, they'd ask him if he'd seen anything (he was never on the scene), but knew of some of the crime details due to his clarvoyant abilites. This was supposedly a true story back then and then nothing more was ever said about that type of ability. I remember being told that if a person has that true ability to see the crimes as they are happening and can remember the details, there's law and government that you can turn to because that's what this man did and he became a trusted source as someone helping to solve crimes.
faceslikewaves (2 posts)
12 years ago (2008-06-29)
I know exactly what you are talking about! I have quite a few dreams where I'm not myself and living someone else's life.

It makes me sick, like there maybe something very wrong with me. The things I see aren't things I would ever think of doing. I don't feel like myself, like I'm void of my identity and it's been replaced by this other person and their thoughts and feelings. When the person I have "become" is the bad variety, it almost feels like their energy is like a green mold, sorry I can't describe it anyway else, but it coats everything and I can literally see the evil!
I don't want to describe what I saw or felt, or even did, because it scares me to death to even know what those things feel like, but I know what it's like to be someone else who would do evil things. Even thinking about that dream makes me want to find this man and rip him apart!

It's not always a bad dream though, sometimes it's beautiful or exciting, but always very real and always in great detail.
atx (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2008-06-27)

I'm about to turn 22 and literally last week is when my visions and this halfway ability to see this dog that lives in my house. I can hear him bark, pant, and his collar jingles. I can see his/her gel like silhouette when out of direct light. I've had some weird stuff happen in the past but decided that I wouldn't pursue it. I've decided now that this is a gift and if I couldn't handle it, God wouldn't have given it to me. I've always been able to see stuff when I close my eyes but I always thought it was the mushrooms I used to eat in high school, so I never really tried to follow through with a vision. The reason I found your thread is that today I had a similar vision. It was almost like I was a bug flying around everything going on and it was so clear. It started with a girl at a cash register in a drive-thru window then it goes into the car outside the window which was a ford explorer. The lady driving was an over weight black woman. It went then to the woods, still daylight and it feels like there was a man behind her. As soon as she comes up on this upside down L shaped red pipe coming out of the ground, the man wacks her on the head with something and that was it. I don't know if this is a premonition or maybe the woman's soul is stuck and some how I was chosen to find her body. I can't find anyone who has been missing that fits the woman I saw. I would know her if I saw her. Just to state, I was totally concious when receiving this. I just closed my eyes when I felt that tingle up my left side.

I recently started playing with a very respectable band and I'm making far more than enough to live. I've always told God that if I ever was blessed with fortune, I would save as many lives as possible but figured it would be through a financial channel. If this is a premonition, I want to do everything I can to prevent what I saw from happening. What do I do?
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
12 years ago (2008-06-26)
mysterywriter - I agree. Most things I picture happen within seven days. But, a few have taken years. Time is really just a manmade measurement. In the "otherworld" (whatever that means), I don't think it's a biggie.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
12 years ago (2008-06-26)
Thank-you for writing. It affirms a few of my own experiences. A few times, I have felt that I was in another person and looking through their eyes. This is not my favorite feeling. As sensitive people, maybe we have to set limits, build walls, and know where and what we want to see or not. I don't like seeing the bad stuff personally. I hate all violence. Oddly enough, when a few bad people have threatened, I'm protective and aggressive. It's a little like being helped along to me and feeling nudged to not tolerate it. A few times, I've been told to let it go and back off. I was young then. It's not happened lately, but neither have odd people approached me. Or if they have, I don't notice anymore.
mysterywriter (4 stories) (15 posts)
12 years ago (2008-06-26)
I would say you are having premonitions. Not sure why everything you see is violent? I myself have premonitions & some are just ordinary daily things and sometimes not. Once a few months ago I was driving home after work and taking my normal route. A car was traveling in the lane beside me & suddenly I visioned a man leaning out of the passenger window pointing a gun at me. At the same time I had this overwhelming feeling that I should warn the passenger in my car to "get down". And then there was nothing more. The oddity was there was no passenger in the other car and none in my car either. I think this happened like mid-week on Wed or Thurs. That weekend on the Sunday local news was a story of two women who were driving on the interstate at 2:30am & a car with two men in it pulled along beside them & the passenger shot at them from the open passenger window. I don't think we can always know who, where or when the event we get a peak at will occur.

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