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Rescuing From Whale


I dreamt that my friend got swallowed by a whale and he was still alive inside, and I was trying to rescue him with our other friends and his brother standing by, but I woke up before I could. I realized in the dream I was ready to hurt the whale in order to save him, yet I couldn't help thinking in real life that it was wrong to hurt the whale and that I had to try other methods to get my friend out, for the sake of his brother, standing by, and family.

After I got out of bed, my grandmother told me about a shark attack happening nearby in the same country I live in and that they got the sharks out and killed them by a rare shark. I was so upset that they killed the sharks and didn't stop to think about their rights at all. They killed them after the attack happened, to get them out of this "supposedly shark-less area".

Anyway, I was wondering if the animals were trying to tell me something? What would be the right thing to do in the situation of the whale? I don't think one should hurt the whale, and if there is a way to humanely kill it? I'm very confused. At least with the sharks, I know they could hold back tourism and discover more about the shark and letting them live. Why should humans be cruel and think only about themselves and their money and reputation? What hurts me is that they killed the sharks AFTER the attack was over. They naturally could have just closed that area.

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Chetyre (guest)
12 years ago (2010-12-07)
There is nothing wrong with wanting to seek an alternative to killing. Nothing at all.
Don't ever feel you are wrong to feel sad that a person or animal dies.

As for the dream, you need to realize that dreams are never to be taken literally.
However in the dream, was your friend being harmed by the whale?

Perhaps the dream was indicating that your fear was clouding your vision and you were not able to see the situation from a different viewpoint.

Maybe your friend didn't need to be rescued or perhaps the whale represented something that seems overwhelming but in reality is minor.

I do not know the current circumstances your friend is in but the elements in the dream may simply be a reflection of what is going on in real life and reflecting a mindset that may be turning it needlessly into something huge.
NaturalScience (229 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-07)
If ANYONE attacks a human being's life, no matter if it be a wolf, a whale, or another human, you are allowed, and even in duty, to defend the human life attacked, and if this is possible only by killing the aggressor, killing him is OK! But killing an aggressor after the act of aggression, for revenge, is big bad karma. Thus in the dream you would have been right to cut open the whale's belly and thus free your friend; but those who killed the sharks you mentioned, AFTER their attacking humans, instead of just closing the area, went too far.

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