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In my family before someone dies family or family friend I get a gut feeling mostly a bad feeling of loss and death usually before the death takes place I didn't think much of it now I'm 23 and just randomly last month I was talking to my grandma and I was trying to tell her to get another pet. I felt like her dog was going to die but I didn't tell her that and I never brought her dog up ever and she lives a little ways away and I have only met the dog twice. The same month I had a prediction that a family connection was going to be found and it was, I also had a cloudy day dream that my friends dad was going to drive her over and I thought for sure I was going to be wrong I didn't see who dropped her off I was coming out of the bathroom, until she mentioned later who dropped her off, I'm like wow. I think I may be developing clairsentince because I always have gut feelings and I can pick up negative and postie energy they both overwhelm me, when people I live with are fighting I kind of feel like its my problem too and I can't help but to feel helpless, I have asked for protection and I did clean my aura and got rid of all my x's and old job apps and bills to get rid of negative energy

I feel like one of my spirit guides maybe my grandma. Does anyone have any advice? I really don't know where to start I did tell two of my closest friends and they didn't seem to mind they just thought it was weird. Why at 23 I'm guessing other things then death when I never had that in the past and I have never had a fuzzy daydream come true and I have never had things come true this much in less then a month. I have had deja vu and when I was in 7th grade I could tell when someone was calling and id pick up to call them at the exact time they were calling me but I don't get phone call guesses right much anymore

Any advice on spiritual growth?

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allmylife1024 (2 stories) (13 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-07)
yesterday I also heard a random voice out of nowhere say sumthing but I couldn't make out what it was sayin it sounded like one word.

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