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I don't really believe I'm that much of... A psychic, or whatever it is... Right now. It seems to keep building.

I'm only 14, and considering what I have seen on this site, it's definitely not that 'huge' or 'great' but it does happen. Lately, I've been more 'accurate'. My Mom supposedly had these 'powers when she was a kid, around my age or actually younger, and she speculated they come from her having a harsh past with 9 other siblings.

Out of her siblings, she was the only one with dark hair, weird eyes, and such as well. I'm really unsure if that has to do with it though.

She and my aunts and uncles would tell me about how she could tell when their parents were fighting, or guess cards from the top of a deck, things like that.

But here recently, I've been experiencing some of the same things. I've always wanted to be able to do what she did, and it was like an impulse this one day. I was sitting with a friend that I knew pretty well, and I simply asked her if she wanted me to try and read her mind. At first, since she really liked the book "Twilight" I told her to choose a character I knew, and think really hard about it, but I guess she wanted to trick me, and thought of a character she had made for little fan stories.

To be honest, it was like a flash. It was someone called John, and its really unexplainable how I got it. It was literally like a picture that just flashed by. Of course, she was stunned and decided we should try again. I did miss a few times, or just got really close. So it seemed as though, if I looked too hard, I'd completely miss it, but if I didn't look hard enough, I wouldn't 'catch' the flash.

It sort of stopped, more had I just lost interest. It was one day, in a hotel somewhere in Atlanta Georgia, where something weird happened again maybe a week or two after. We were leaving the hotel and, although I hadn't seen it, there was a 'wet floor' sign ahead of me. Of course, the klutz I am, I was about to walk right into it. I happened to be staring out the glass windows. But Again, there was a flash, and I'd seen it. That is, without trying. So I immediately flinched and looked downward, but it happened to be so far ahead of me. Had I took another step I would have probably fell, however, I also wonder if I might be mistaken. I might have seen this out of my peripheral (sp?) vision, just without knowing.

After coming back home, life started getting depressing again, my parents had changed a bit and my grandma had cancer, not that my home life was bad, not really at all, but least to say I was just really bored. I literally have nothing to do, we live out in the country so we couldn't just 'go out' because we had to save gas for whenever they got out of culinary school. But they started back up again.

Really it was just small things. I started trying to guess the number a teacher would say, (ex: randomly choosing a problem to be written on the board, grades, etc.) and there were still times I would miss, or just get really close, but there were times I just absolutely knew the number. That's when my mom and I started trying to test me, since I had asked. Just simple things like guessing a thought up number between 1 and 10 or a color. At first, I wasn't getting anywhere, but towards the end I finally started recognizing how to see into the flashes.

Again after that, I seemingly lost interest, or focused on school. Out of the pure blue, one boy I kind of knew asked me to guess what kind of food he was thinking of, and the flashes came back. I had told him it was flat. It happened to be a pancake. Another friend asked, and again I saw the flash. But it was a lot easier than last time, and it had been round with dots in it. A Chocolate-chip waffle. Throughout the day, both of them asked me questions like "What number am I thinking of?" or back to the food. But what surprised me was how I actually saw it, and how I only missed twice out of all the times. And it happened again that next morning. I just happened to have walked in, and the boy, along with a few other friends stopped me. The boy asked me again what he was thinking food-wise. I had closed my eyes, and immediately, I knew, and told them, it was round and red. He turned away, a funny look on his face, so I just started walking away. And he told me as I passed that it was, indeed, a red apple.

My friends, my good friends, know about it and support it 100%, and I can't think about how, if it is real, it would be bad. It;s not really strong enough to truly impact life, but it's strong enough to be useful. Maybe, I might be able to strengthen it, or use it at will.

I really felt as though I just wanted the people on here to know, and I'd give a special thanks to my very close cousin (whom also supports) a big thanky ou, since she's the one who informed me about this site...thanks

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Sfairy27 (3 stories) (41 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-18)
My Nana could do what I can do but she was wiser and therefore better. She would basically never lose a guessing game and I could play 'I spy' with my mind when we were together. But then she died and I am the only one. Hard to explain why I got it and no one else because I am the youngest out of about 50 grandchildren. She had a lot of kids.

Sorry for the life story.
Rashidah (guest)
12 years ago (2011-01-27)
Abilities flow through family lines. I will give you an example of this.
My ancestors practiced magic for millenias, so naturally I will have an affinity for magic and also possess certain magical traits.

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