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Genetics And Psychic Abilities?


I am wondering if it is possible that I have gained psychic abilities from my past family members or that being psychic is or has been in our family. My great grandmother was once in a car, with 3 others, including her husband, her friend, and her friend's husband. They were driving on the highway and suddenly my great grandmother saw a white ambulance with flashing lights and the siren turned on coming around a corner on a small hill. The vision suddenly ended and it seemed that nobody else had seen it. She asked them and they had seen nothing. She then insisted that they pull over for a few seconds, for she had a bad feeling about it. The man driving didn't want to pull over, and he promised that everything would be alright. They then approached the hill, and at that time a red ambulance came around it (yes, she had seen a white ambulance in her vision) hitting them head-on and killing everyone in the vehicle except for my great-grandmother.I'm not sure but this seems to have something to do with being psychic.

Also, once she was at her house by the lake and looked out the back door at the oak tree and saw a funeral taking place underneath the tree. Shortly thereafter, she received a phone call with the news that someone in her family had just gotten killed in a car accident. The person would have their funeral under that tree. These are just things that my great-grandmother has seen.

My mom also has had several visions, such as a plane flying into a tall building in a city, and a few days later, the twin towers fell. My mom has seen ghosts and demons also. And for me, I have small things that make me believe I might be psychic. For instance, I can be listening to a radio station and say that a certain song will come on, and sure enough, it will be the next song that plays. This has happened several times. Also, one night I thought that a certain one of my friends was going to ask me a question the next day that you normally wouldn't ask someone. I wasn't even thinking about the subject of the question, it just came to me. The next day, that certain friend asked me the exact question. Maybe it's because I am young and my abilities haven't developed yet or maybe I won't develop them at all. I was just going to get your opinion on this. Thanks everyone.

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clover86 (2 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-15)
It runs in my family too. Quite a bit. Mine seemed to peak around your age, but I never tried to develop them because for the most part they just scared me. I have a friend who has a family with a few "talented" people too.
Starlight22 (11 stories) (166 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-10)
i think you have got your ability passed down. I know I have from my dad's side of the family

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