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Dark Figure And Nightmares


It happened last year during my studies, around the time I was leaving my apartment and moving to a new one. The night before shifting I slept in my lab and after I came home the next day morning my roommate asked me if there was any reason for not sleeping at the apartment. I told him that I just fell asleep in the lab and did not come back. I asked him why and he said that he was just curious and nothing else. It was the at beginning of Fall and I hardly spent any time at the apartment before moving, I was either at the new place or at the lab.

After a week, when we met, he told me that the reason he asked was because he saw a dark figure sitting on my bed, back against the wall. His bed is parallel to mine. I did not know what to say and was not willing to believe but he told me that it was true. He got scared and ran the hell out of there and went to the kitchen. He drank a glass of water and was thinking of what to do about it. He did not want to show any fear in front of the entity and so went back to the bedroom and back to sleep. It really scared me and was beginning to think if it was the reason for the earlier experiences and nightmares.

In Spring the same year the same roommate had a dream that his Uncle who had passed away a few years ago, was under the bed and slowly pulling my roommate towards him. He sprung up from his bed, I was still awake and told me of the nightmare. He felt that the temperature of the room had dropped, meaning there might be a spirit. We were both scared but after a while just went to sleep. In the following months he had no more troubles and slept well. In Summer he went to his Aunt's place and as I took a course, I stayed in the apartment.

Summer was fine until one morning when I had two horrific nightmares, the kind I believe I had not experienced for a long time. I saw MY uncle's dead body in the middle and I was crying and resting my head in my aunt's lap. She said it was fine and not to worry about it. Then all of a sudden her voice changes to a strange tone, takes my name and starts laughing. Then the dream changes to me on my bed, my eyes are open and there is someone holding me down. I am not able to move and I am trying hard but finally I managed to pull myself out of the dream. I was really scared but after a while I just went back to sleep and had the same kind of dream. This time a force next to my bed holding me down. I knew that it was a dream and had to pull my self out of it with a lot of force. Then on I have been afraid to sleep in the dark and could not help the feeling that I was not alone in the room. I thought that it could only be my imagination.

Then I started having this dream every few months and did not know what was wrong. I guess every time it was a woman holding me down, only once a man playing a flute and entering my room from the window.

I got into a relationship the same time around beginning of Fall. My studies got delayed by a semester, not for this reason but for some other. Grades and studies did not go great. I had two jobs this time around said no to both of them for further studies and then it did not work out. So no jobs or studies now. The relationship ended and had a negative impact on me. I fell everything is just going negatively and am starting to wonder if there is some negative energy around me that is making my life hard. Please help!

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L3TT3RFairy (3 posts)
9 years ago (2012-01-01)
I think you should be careful. You might be dealing with a demon.
TestosteroneH (1 stories) (6 posts)
10 years ago (2011-02-15)
Is it true that we should not put up our dreams on the website? Why is that?
TestosteroneH (1 stories) (6 posts)
10 years ago (2011-02-13)
Hey Callie,

Thanks again for the reply. My explanation has failed me again I suppose. The person next to me, most probably my mother, is actually shouting at the spirit/the spot where I could not see anything. I am just curiously looking at the spot and then make out a translucent spirit going across and leaving the room, finally disappearing. In the dream and right after I got up, I was calm. And also, my mother has been staying with me for a while now, does it mean anything or it is just archetypal mother helping me here? I would not say I have completely got over the fear of the dark but at the least I am not paranoid!

You explained the message my dream carried and I suppose it remains the same, whether my mother was shouting at me or the spirit?

And yes I have watched many videos and read a lot about the 7 chakras. Want to follow it with conviction but feel that I need a guru. Do you feel there are exercises I could do by myself to start with?
Callie (68 posts)
10 years ago (2011-02-08)
Good sigh! And important to note -- Even if it was your plain old run of the mill normal dream, it's contents are VERY important. (Even the most enlightened types have 'normal dreams' - but all dreams, really, are anything but normal.) It shows your subconcious bringing to conciousness the 'lack of fear' you require.

There are a few kinds of 'normal' dreams classified in psych; fantasy, like wish fulfillment is one; 'training' exersizes (they can at times be nightmare or dreamlike quality depending on your progression over the obstacle) is another. So regardless of the source of the dream, it shows that you are losing your fear.:)

We're not allowed to break down 'dream's here really are we?

Oh well. (does so anyway) A 'mother's' presence warning you to leave - think of both a) the archetype of a Mother's purpose, then overlay own own mother and your experiences with her over how she acted within the dream. Her warning is a reflection of both the Archetypical mother's warning (to defend the Child or warn the Child to defend itself) and a reflection of perhaps (guessing, I'm not an Empath AT ALL) how your own mother would shield you from something frightening or uncomfortable. You sensed a spirit but saw nothing to fear, so you did not fear. This is a sign of individuation from the Child of the Mother to, well, establishing your own ego identity. (Think psych ego, as opposed to the mystical chaining suffering ego - one step at a time;) or if easier think of the developmental transition from the root chakra which ties us to our family identity to the solar plexus which is the heart of our own personal power)

So, um. It's a good sign. 😆 😆
TestosteroneH (1 stories) (6 posts)
10 years ago (2011-02-08)
I had a dream recently! That I am in a room standing! Then someone next to me, probably my Mom, is looking at some sport where I don't see anything and she says go away go away get out. I couldn't see anything but had a feeling that it was some spirit! And I was not actually scared! Then I see a spirit, white in color, walking across the room! And going away and I was not scared of seeing it! I normally would have been scared! Guess I have been feeling better from then or it is the just my feeling! Any meaning behind this!
Callie (68 posts)
10 years ago (2011-01-28)
Toward the top of this story I wrote something on shielding:

Sadly, it isn't really the sort of thing you can do and then figure out that you're doing it right (while awake, etc) unless someone who is with you is sensitive enough to be able to tell that you are masking/blocking etc. Hopefully though that explanation of how shielding works may help it 'click' for you.
TestosteroneH (1 stories) (6 posts)
10 years ago (2011-01-26)
Hi Callie,

You definitely helped me here with the information. You have pointed me in the right direction and now I am trying to read and gather some information. Though I have not read completely, I am finding explanations from astral and non-astral point of view. I am not sure which side I should take or they are both the same but with different points of view. I am a believer but not sure if it just stress induced or stress has invited these entities and sensing my fear planning to hang around.

As to speaking to the entity, I am not sure I understand the shielding part. I understand shielding but do not know how to do it. Sometimes I have wondered if I should look forward to it and talk as you suggested.
Callie (68 posts)
10 years ago (2011-01-26)
Oh. Um. Yeah.

I just saw your next post. 😁

Next time it shows up in a dream, ask it. That's easy. You don't need to be able to physically speak - that mechanic doesn't usually work anyway - either nothing comes out of your mouth, your voice is nearly inaudible, etc. The trick is you _think_ of speaking.

Just ask, "Who are you?" Just be ready for any kind of crazy answer, I guess. Sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised, sometimes, not so much. The answer can vary from a wave of an emotion (some don't speak) that's anything from love to terror (you'll sort of feel it radiating from it to you and YOU will feel the emotion), they can parrot you (ie. Answer 'Who are you?'), they may give a name, they may give you YOUR name (if they do that, be sure to tell them that now you have the right to know their name), they may say all sorts of terrible things, they may divulge a secret of some sort, etc. It's literally just one of those 'You won't know until you ask'.

I'd look into shielding and the like though before going that route, anyway.
Callie (68 posts)
10 years ago (2011-01-26)
It's okay, I know sometimes it is hard to go through and string all of the details together for ourselves - then trying to explain it to someone else makes you have to dig deeper and... Yeah.

I'm not very psychic in the sense of being a person-to-person empath or a strong intuitive when it comes to reading a story and immediately 'getting a picture', so I'll ask questions if something isn't clear;) I am primarily an astral traveler who has viewed similar entities to what you have seen (both in and out of OOBEs), which is why I commented here to see if I could help out.

Though it does happen, I try not to immediately look at mundane issues (jobs, studies, etc) and psychic disturbances (spirit presences) having immediate connections with each other - in other words, if someone is having a bad time of it, and is also seeing spirits/ghosts/shadows, I am not the type to immediately come to the conclusion that it is 'the spirit's fault'. It *could* be, but at the same time it isn't always true to blame the one on the other. When I was in college I also saw a few entities (not all friendly), but I made it out with few mundane roadblocks and it had no influence at all in the measure of failure or sucess in my subsequent career.

If you have the feeling that these incidents could be effecting your life, you would need to take a closer look into yourself and see how they are impacting you on an emotional and psychological level. Just as we can be psychologially effected by mundane issues (witnessing or going through traumatic events, etc), we can be equally effected by a 'spiritual traumatic effect', and they can cause the same sorts of life disturbances - not because of their spiritual nature, but because of our own _reactions_ to said events.

One thing that everyone who deals with these experiences learns quickly (or, well, HAS to learn quickly) is a sense of balance between the ethereal and the permanent, or 'the spiritual and the mundane', whichever words, basically, that you'd prefer to use to delineate the world of 'spirit' from the 'physical'. There is the argument that they are not opposites - at least no more than yin and yang are opposites (that they differ but each contain a part of the other), but like that particular symbol, we need to keep ourselves balanced between those two worlds, or we end up in danger of, well, being out of balance. (Typing train of thought has it's issues when I run out of thought.) If we allow the world of spirit to consume us, our physical lives will suffer, and if we allow the world of the physical to consume us, our spiritual souls will suffer.

The suggestions to handle these sorts of situations always end up boiling down to the same sorts of suggestions - shield yourself. Clear your space. But these are two 'small' suggestions with large connotations for those who might not know step one for either, and who holding their own world-view, need to go through the task of finding a system for doing both that sits comfortably with them.

Now for some drier bits of information. This is all sort of my own info-finding dumping out of my head, you'd be able to find the same bits and pieces if you look for the names, I'll mark them with an *:

The apparitions which 'hold one down' when sleeping - Robert Bruce in his book Astral Dynamics refers to these particular entities as thought forms and uses the term 'The Dweller on the Threshold'* to describe them. They are a common obstacle to those beginning the practice of having voluntary out of body experiences, but also will appear to those having the involuntary ones during hypnagogic episodes (the periods directly before or directly after REM sleep) or sleep paralysis (hence being 'held down'). Records of this have existed since at least the 1800s, in Ireland/England it was called 'being hagged' (as it was usually envisioned as a hag or a woman sitting on the sufferer's chest) and was attributed to someone being cursed by a 'witch'. The 'dweller' also can appear to those who are ill or under a great deal of stress, though it usually appears in the throes of said stress (ie. Its not a matter of the being appearing, and then suddenly life gets hard, but vice versa). It's suspected that the 'apparition of death' that appears at the foot of the beds of the dying is simply one of these Dwellers. (look for Death Bed Apparition or Death Bed Visitation)

These are likely of the same 'family' of similarly shadowy entities called Shadowmen* or Shadow People*, who can be seen all over and not necessarily while someone is sleeping/falling asleep/waking up. The man with the flute I would likely put in this category, with the addition of hearing astral music (music and singing in the astral is fairly common).

As to what Shadowmen are... Views vary wildly because encounters vary wildly - from frightening to pleasant to 'feeling evil', and some people are quick to blanket every experience as only one of the possibilities.

I'm writing a book here, and I'm still not sure if I've helped at all. 😢
TestosteroneH (1 stories) (6 posts)
10 years ago (2011-01-26)
I do not know if the entity is attached to me or not. Only my friend had seen it when he was alone in the old apartment. I have never been the one to see any figures or spirits. So do not know if anything was around in the new apartment or my girlfriend's apartment.

Wondering if this is the way the entity wants to talk to me/scare me, through nightmares?
TestosteroneH (1 stories) (6 posts)
10 years ago (2011-01-26)
Hi Callie,

It was in the old apartment.
Also, some how was not really happy at the place. Missed home for sure and would have a really bad feeling in general.

Spring - Friend's nightmare of his uncle.
Summer - My two traumatizing nightmares. Always felt I was not alone in the room and at times just left the apartment. Fear gripping me when going to sleep. Studies not good. End of Summer friend sees dark figure at the old apartment and also relationship with my then girlfriend's started. Couple of days later moved to new apartment.
Fall - Girlfriend's house have this dream of someone playing the flute and entering the room from the window. The window is on the second floor of the townhouse. I am in my sleeping position, eyes open, hear the flute, knew immediately something was wrong and I am in a dream. The man enters the room and is holding me down. Struggle out of it and get up. Studies not good.
Spring - Studies not good. Had to finish my degree but graduation got delayed to next semester. If I had graduated then would have gone for further studies. Relationship negative. Might have had another of those dreams but not sure.
Summer - Moved to MI, started looking for jobs. Things not going my way at all. Was not treated that great by my brother. Relationship ends. Have this dream again. A woman holding me down. Fought my wait out of sleep. Few days later a woman from over my head slowly moves forward and puts her hair on my face. I get up immediately. Had few nightmares around those few days. So, I started playing prayers next to me all night long and going to sleep and I started sleeping peacefully.
Fall - Finish school. After 8 months get two jobs at the same time, but the decide to say no to both for further studies. Then don't make it to school for further studies because of a last minute problem and jobless again.

So everything I am doing has been going negative. I started having this unknown fear in me from around the first nightmare I had and has only been getting worse. Now fear of failure has gripped me and have not been able to do anything correctly. Lost my self - confidence.

Do not know if is just the way things are or some negative entity is creating havoc in my life.
Guess my story needed a lot of editing. Apologize for that.
Callie (68 posts)
10 years ago (2011-01-25)
I'm sorry, can you elaborate -- the first shadow was in an old apartment and moved with you to a new one, or did all of this happen in the same location?

I'm asking because in general college dorm-apartments (or ones used as college apartments often due to their proximity to universities) tend to have a lot of negative echoes and sometimes entities attached to them for wildly varying reasons (stress of the series of occupants, expressed negativities, people away from home experimenting with the occult, etc). So it is hard to tell atm exactly where or what this is attached to - aka you or a household object, your roomate or one of his household objects, the physical location, etc.

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