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Thank You, Dad


Just to add a quick note of an experience that I had a few months ago. For about a couple of days I was seeing shadows quickly flying by me, first catching it from out of the corner of my eye and then straight on. This had happened a few times when I thought I had seen something out on my back deck. It was when I saw 2 shadows come into the house from the back door from the deck that I had had enough! I was stopped in my tracks and basically called out, "Dad, thanks for the visit, but you are worrying me with running around here." I also went onto say aloud to him, that I know there must be a reason that you are "showing" yourself to me and I thank him for protecting our family, home, and still being with us.

A couple of days later, a neighbor had informed me that a few days ago, another neighbor (one I did not know) had taken his own life. He was young - mid 40s? I think. Immediately, I felt sick to my stomach and realized that what I "saw" over the past week, was the person who had recently passed on.

Okay, so if that weren't enough... I also learned that there was a direct connection between this person who had killed himself and another person that I had done a tarot reading for earlier that year. I can't go into real specifics, but I can tell you, that this was an event that was foreseen, but at the time of the reading, the "illness" that was seen, that would eventually lead to death (and that person was close to her) - I was interpreting as a Cancer, not depression- which has proven to be just as fatal as any Cancer.

After learning about all of this, I had set aside a bit of time to call on my Dad and again thanked him for helping keeping us safe. I also asked that he could help the "new" soul cross over and allow him to be in peace.

Furthermore, I went to get my eyes checked by the Eye Doctor. I had the WHOLE exam done. No problems were found, I still have the same very light Rx for driving (that I do not really need - just need it for nighttime/rain driving to be more comfortable to read signs from afar. (I wanted to be sure I didn't have any floaters or problems with my eyes).

Anyway, there you have it.


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