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Messages From Mark's Dad Whom I Never Met


I was visiting with an artist friend one evening and had an experience that I have never had before. I kept feeling and sensing 2 male energies, one native american and one older man in a fine suit with a full head of beautiful silver hair. My thoughts were continuously interrupted and were clearly not my own. I felt a strong urge to repeat phrases that came into my head. I shared the phrases with my friend and described the image I had in my head of the native american man. She laughed and said I was describing the deceased husband of a close friend and mentor. At first the thoughts were playful, but as the evening wore on they became more intrusive and more difficult for me to have my own independent thoughts. This man was quite obnoxious and it was highly unsettling to me. It felt like I was being toyed with and that I was the center or the "butt" of his jokes.

At the same time I sensed another older gentleman with silver hair who was very kind and nurturing. I described this man to my friend but she could identify no obvious connection. I went home early, being rattled by the native american man. Over the next 3 weeks or so I dreamt of this older, kindly gentleman. The dreams were exceptionally vivid in color and there was no background. I simply saw this gentleman sitting in a wing-back chair in a suit with his hands folded over his lap. He seemed to be waiting for something. I often don't remember dreams so it seemed odd that I remembered this man each day upon waking. I couldn't figure out what he meant and I had not seen him before.

I continued over several weeks to try to make sense of the experience and figure out whooshes older man was. I kept running through the evening backwards trying to piece things together. Finally I remembered having texted an old friend who I had not been in touch with for over a year. I then got many urgent feelings to tell my friend, Mark information. I blew it off for several weeks, but the feeling and dream was persistent. Finally, I told my friend Mark about the message and described the man. It seems like it was his father. Later I saw a picture of him and it was the same gentleman but with a more full head of hair. I'd like to know what kind of experience I had. I would welcome feedback.

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