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For one, never before have I had meaningful dreams. Yet three recent dreams have bewildered me. Is it odd to have emotions during dreams? Because, these are the only dreams that I've ever had true feelings as though it was reality. The first dream was the strongest. It was a regular night, accompanied by a few friends we seemed to wonder about in town... Then a flying disk caught my eye. I had to follow it into the trees, leaving my friends out of sight. It came closer, then suddenly right before me... Close enough to touch. I physically went into shock, overcome by fear and curiosity. As my body quickly became numb, I laid a finger upon it. It was as though suddenly something had abruptly crashed into my head, not painfully but strong enough to knock me out. Before I knew it my body was collapsing and felt as if I was taking a deep sleep. Waking in a rather dizzy fashion, the day was rather peculiar. For that day, as people began to talk to me before saying a word, the subject they were about to bring up popped into my head.

The next dream I found to be extraordinarily beautiful. Never had I seen a dream so clearly with detail. I was at an ancient sight that seemed to make archaeologists nervous yet overcome with it's beauty. The pyramid was large, white, and flawless. The door was small, and laced with lusty gold. Above the door were hieroglyphics containing a man with wings and what looked like airplanes. The inside was covered in statues that would make anyone gasp for breath. Different cultures from around the world seemed to flow about everywhere. I remember the Hinduism statue of a man with multiple arms sitting upon what looked like a fancy bed, then I found a Greek God who was likely to be Zeus. Beside him was a Roman man, I couldn't quite make out who he was though. Statues of angels floated above the ground with ease. Being in such an immaculate place I felt out of breath, and went outside behind the pyramid for air. Only to find myself on what looked like a helicopter pad. There were two poles far and parallel to each other. As I placed myself in the middle, I looked down to find stone hieroglyphs on the floor displaying pictures of helicopters. Vaults of energy flowed through my body as I couldn't wipe this astonished look off my face.

The last dream was remembered for its pain. I could only remember the ending, taking place in a hospital. A doctor was examining my back for something, and placed an object on my left shoulder making my back feel tight. She (the doctor) stood in front of me and spoke of something about change and mass. Then as her eyes stared into mine, I could feel how warmhearted she was, when her dark brown gazed into mine with tears flowing out. I was nervous, yet curious as to why she was crying. I never got her answer as I awakened in pain. I struggled out of bed with immense pain absorbing my back. The entire day was spent with pain and curiosity as to what happened, shooting through me.

On a side note, I was wondering if anyone knew the significance of the card nine of hearts? One day as I opened a menu it fell out, it would have meant nothing to me, but I turned it over finding the letter V on it (my names Veronica)

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leptir (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-18)
These dream puzzle pieces are extremely important. I had very similar dreams a few years ago and finally put them all together as they were leading me to travel to the Bosnian pyramids. When I finally realized that I needed to go there I just intuitively knew that there was something that I was going to do there, some kind of job, I had signed up to volunteer in the digging/excavation, but I knew there was something more important that I was going to do there. I didn't give it much thought, I just casually went there full of enthusiasm and curiosity. Within 2-3 days of being there incredible synchronicities started happening, my third eye was activated I was able to see beings, energies, auras, with my eyes closed. I was channeling, I was receiving telepathic communications, I met the right people at precise moments that lead to further perfect people and places, I was directly responsible with 2 other people for reactivating the energies at the pyramid of the sun and so much more I could write a book about it. Lol the bottom line advice from me to you is - follow your dreams, quite literally, this is your path, you are not just getting these dreams for fun (though they really are very enjoyable because they are so emotionally charged and unforgettable) they are so powerful for a reason - you should not forget them. I can't say that you'll have the same or similar experience to the one I had once you do decide to follow through but at the very least and this is so important for people to know - when you visit these places of power (most often they have visible pyramids and ancient sites) you are downloaded with incredible knowledge and your being is enriched. You will without a doubt meet incredible people and come closer to living your divine path. Much love to you and hope you find the power and courage to follow your dreams - you won't regret it.:)

By the way, before arriving at the site I had very little practical psychic abilities if any, I had just done reading and had been curious about paranormal, ets, ancient knowledge, but no practice of any kind. When the time is right for you to take up your position to serve on behalf of the divine will all things will fall into place, you will work intuitively and everything will appear so simple because your awareness and vibration will be increased, your every step will be guided by the divine so in essence no forced preparation is necessary other than what you already love to learn and do (you'll find that on some level you have been preparing your whole life).

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