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In A Field


my name is well, it's the user name but I found this site and I feel compelled to tell this fact, not story. Obviously I cannot spell that well but, it's a story not a novel so forgive me. I have a dog her name is bonnie, My house is around two minutes from a wood, well actually a lot of fields surrounded by woods. I had my dinner watched the tv, and decided to take bonnie for a walk, It was around 9.30, The middle of summer. I Took Bonnie as far down as you can go on the lead through the estate and we come to the edge of the field leading to the fields, That's where I can let her go. Now me and bonnie walk into a vast wood a little track leads into a circular wood and I sit down. I sat down and relaxed nobody for at least a mile throwing a stone for bonnie, it started to get dark and I lay on my back, just relaxing and I gazed up at a clear sky, As I gazed up I started to swirl my fingers and clouds came in, I did not think much of this as the clouds all descended until the whole sky was filled, I thought for awhile into now a dark sky and then I swirled my fingers again and in the middle of the dark sky cleared perfectly where I was pointing, I got up called my dog and walked home very quickly, it was weird, cheers for reading.

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