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I Almost Died Her Death


My family and I recently went on vacation. We drove late into the night and pulled up to a hotel. We got a room and brought up our luggage. As I walked into the room I felt slightly closed in and trapped. I shook it off.

My parents left to go get more of our stuff while I went into the bathroom to wash my face. I ran the water in the sink and suddenly got the feeling somebody was watching me. I turned and saw nobody. But I felt like a woman was watching me over my shoulder. I finished washing my face then slipped into bed with my sisters.

I fell asleep pretty quickly. That's when I started to dream. Then I was laying in my bed in my hotel room. I was alone and looking around. I reclined back and rested my head ont he pillow. I glanced into the darkest corner of the room. While I looked into that corner I saw a pair of electric blue eyes. They looked like bottled up electricity. They glared at me and turned and left the room. That's when I felt something very heavy on my chest. The weight kept bearing down on me. Then I felt something grab at my throat. It kept squeezing tighter and tighter. It was so tight to the point I couldn't breathe. I suddenly felt a longing for the blue eyes that left the room. I wanted those eyes to come back. But then I felt the pain of the hands closing tighter around my neck.

Finally, I regained my senses and realized I could end the dream. In my mind I shouted, "Go away!" That's when my eyes snapped open and I gained a sense of my surroundings. I was in the same position I was in my dream. I was looking at where the eyes were. I took a few deep breaths and fell back into a dreamless sleep.

The next morning as we loaded back into the car. I sat in my seat and suddenly it all hit me. The female energy I felt in the bathroom was the one who was being choked in my dream. I felt like she was tricked somehow by a man she loved. He left her to die at the hands of

Another man. She died that night. It all made sense to me now. I almost died the same way she did the night before. But I was able to save myself.

Sadly, she wasn't as lucky.

I'm still getting over the initial shock.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-04)
What you described is what I incurred last month.
Mine differed some what.

I was sleeping at a B&B built in 1800's.
A scenario of a toddler with old clothes and bonnet with parents.
This baby was a object of lust and killed.
First was the scenario of baby looking at me and eating a piece of fruit. From toddler it changed into a ball of energy as if looking at regular human aura which attached to my heart chakra.
Allowing me to experience this little person experiences.
With the help of my guides I was able to help this little soul.

It was a strange awful experience when I went though it.
For it was sharing someone elses pain.

I know it is a gift to be able to help, but also acknowledge
The experience is something else.

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