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My Brother: People Who Have Died! Is It Coinsedence


I am from South Africa so plse forgive my grammar. It's about my brother, everything started during early 2000 when he started a business (hospitality). Some people have done him "in" financially over a period of 6 years, and all of them have died over a period of 1-9 years if I can recall correctly. The last person died in 2009. Some of them were young, and old, male and female, the count is about 10 people. I know this from personal exp. And not what he told me, (because I knew some of them personally) The fact is that he never wished bad luck upon them. Then during 2012 he lived with a couple in another town who treated him very badly and eventually through him out on the street, 6 months later the couples wife were diagnosed with cancer and died soon after. It's now 3months since he broke up with his fiancé who is an alcoholic, who made his life a living hell, I'm scared something is going to HAPPEN with her. My question? Is all this just coincidences, or? Just for interest, he was born with the "helmet". He is 56yrs old and a accountant by trade,I'm few years younger and I'm a vet doctor. I'm a serious Christian and hope it's nothing to WORRY about. (He is also in church and not involved in any occult)

Just for interest, our mother who passed away years ago had some psychiatric problems like bad mood swings, and would rather apply mind games upon us to find answers to her questions than ask directly, but she could never try this trick with my brother, it was like he could "read her mind" if you know what I mean. I'm not sure if this is of any value to mention.

So, could this just be coincidence, my fear is for his ex.

Regards Gladys.

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RockShan (guest)
8 years ago (2016-04-05)
Well, the chances are he isn't do anything, or at least on purpose. The important thing is too figure out exactly how each of them died and how long it took, If you find a correlation in how, and how long they died it wouldn't be hard to figure out what exactly is causing it. Remember he could be doing things without knowing it many people do.

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