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Emotion Radar?


Since my last post, I've take the advice of my fellow believers and started to embrace the feeling I had been getting. I can still feel myself not knowing what I am supposed to be doing but what I have begun to notice is I can start to feel certain sensation within my body. Whenever I get the feeling of something happening I close my eyes and begin to focus all my energy on the feeling, but what was rather odd was that I could feel a great difference in the air around me. I could feel peoples emotions around me, if someone was mad or sad about something, I could pick that person out rather quickly. I have tried using this to help those around me (kinda like a super hero) by asking those who are sad what's troubling them and being there as a person to lean on. In addition to all this, I could also feel when there was tension in the air. For instance, as of this writing (3/31/16), I have successfully avoided being in the proximity of a fight at my high school. It was between two boys who were on opposite end of what I call center court. I got that feeling and stopped to close my eyes, and sure enough I felt the hatred those boys had for each other. I open my eyes and I instantly picked them out of the crowed and noticed I was in the middle of where they were going to "throw down". I picked up my stuff and promptly head to a security officer, but before I could tell them what was going to happen, the boys charged at each other and started the fight. Like I said before, I still get the feeling of me needing to do something but not being able to figure out what it is; but do you believe that my emotional radar is a part of this feeling or is a separate thing on its own. I would really love to get your take on this

Thanks so much


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