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My Brother's Death


5th April 2015. Darjeeling dist. West Bengal. India

My only brother died in an accident on 5th april. We are 6 members in the family and 4 siblings. My bro is the youngest and most loved one. He was in his mobile repairing shop as usual when his friends planned to go for a ride in the hills in the afternoon and return before sunset. He never goes anywhere without informing my mum. So he called up mum and said that he was going to a nearby place for mobile repairing work.

It was getting late my mum kept trying his phone number but not answered. At 7:30 pm someone answered the call and said that he had an accident and is very serious in a medical aid center which is about an hour away from my home. When we reached there he was already dead. His face was smashed and not a single scratch on his body.

After 4 days his friend told us the story:

His friend was riding the bike and my brother was sitting behind with helmet on. There were 2 other bikes of other friends who had rode on in a high speed and left them behind. His friend said that there was a steep turn that he couldn't understand so he drove off the road into a lowland field. He was hit and he fell down unconscious. When he woke up it was dusk. He looked at my bro who was bleeding from head. He tied to stop few cars but was unable to do so, then he seeker help from some local woodcutter they stopped a car and took them to the nearest military first aid center. But my brother died in d car before reaching the center.

We suspect it is a murder. The other guy was minimal hurt and not a scratch on the bike. There are so many real time facts which doesn't match with the story told.

We went to 4 paranormal experts who said that my bro was murdered. We also found things of black magic which was buried in our house and thrown down in our drinking water well. All the 4 paranormal experts said that ashes and mud from the

Cemetries (burial or burning grounds) were used to get evil in the house. To my surprise they said the same thing.

Now I am very worried about my brother's soul. I have read a lot about spirits, life and death and occult Earlier. As I have blood relationship with my brother I have a very intense feeling that he is very scared and stranded somewhere. He won't go to the higher plane leaving my mum behind. Although we have done all the required ceremonies. I have a very strong feeling he is now earth-bound. Another thing the so called spot where the accident happened had a burial ground few yards ahead.

So I am fearing has he then become trapped by some evil spirits there arising out of the black magic. I need help. I love my brother a lot like my own kid and I want to help him for his moksha. Please someone help me.

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Nightingale (145 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-26)
If you believe that they both have psychic gifts this is certainly a hard question. Howver, it seems to me that if you can get one to come to any location, he or she would be able to tell for sure. It would be a more direct and reliable method.
Chances are that one or both psychics were unable to give you full results from their location. If you can find one to come to you it will help.
chumkiBhowmick (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-26)
Hello Nightingale!

Thank you so much for your reply appreciate it. I am not able to find someone who can actually do this for us. Out of the 4 paranormal experts we visited 2 of theM said different things. One said my brother is at home and the other said he is trapped in that military medical aid center. Now whom to believe. I m really worried.
Nightingale (145 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-24)
Hello chumkiBhowmick,
First, I am so very sorry for the loss of your brother.
I cannot tell from reading this whether or not this was a murder or your brother is still around.
Sometimes spirits stay willingly. He may not be trapped.
You might be able to find out by having a paranormal expert come to your home, the site of his death, and anywhere you feel your brother could be. Have him or her try to feel whether your brother is there, and if he is ask the psychic to contact him.
Be strong. I hope for you the best possible findings.
I wish you and your family peace,

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