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My Brother's Seeing


I'm Kristina and I'm 15.

I would like to share another part of my story.

this one is kind of about what my brother went through and still is going through when he was in Slovakia, because that's where it all started.

Once my brother told me what has happened to him, he told me he could see himself sleeping one night, as if in another dimension. He said it was exactly the same but this feeling there was different, that the light is shining and the feeling should be warm, but it wasnt.

and there he saw a woman looking at him.

Somehow he went back into himself (his body), and tried to forget, lieing to himself that it was just a dream but unfortunately it wasnt.

Another time, he fallen asleep as usual, but once again he was out of his body and this dark or light haired woman (again the same one) and started saying to him, "You have a satanic soul, You have a satanic soul" over and over again, then he started praying and once he did, as if he forgoten where he was saying it, like you would start a sentence but you completely forgotten what you were saying as if your mind went blank.

after few failed tries he managed to go back to his own body,

Another time, he said, he was sleeping,again, but this time he was awake but new that he wasn't alone,

The thing is he couldn't open his own eyes.

There was that woman, brushing his hair, patting it as if he was her pet, saying "you have a satanic soul " he started to pray but got disturbed as the woman shouted with a shriek, that a swine makes when your killing the swine, " SATANAAA!" he said he somehow managed to wake up seeing nobody there but knowing she was there, so he drove to a city that night, at the hour it was around 3, to make a confession to a priest.

The demonic soul stopped interrupting into my brothers life for a period time.

But it started over again, he once asked his friend who doesn't believe in God to stay over a night because my brother was just too scared.

Finally he agreed and that night, whole night there was banging upstairs like "KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK, KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK", the friend was freaked out. Literally, So freaked out he started to believe in God and started to go on masses.

Brother once said that on another night that woman showed up, he said "take me, I don't care anymore. Kill me, torture me, but in return you will not hurt my family!" With another shriek that always made the demonic soul left.

Haven't showed up for half a year. But as well returned but not so recently as she did before.

These sighing are NOT made up.

I am writing this to republish that this "souls" may not be even real souls, they can just be demonic souls=pretending.

And to stop this?.

a prayer and imagine your own angel is sitting beside you.

Guarding you, looking over at you not only today but always have been.

I KNOW that angels are real because I have seen them.

not so clear but it was an angel for sure and I know it and I will write another time about that story:) so if there is someone with this kind of thing just pray and imagine your own guardian angel standing beside you, hugging you with joy and love, saying "i am here to protect you, everything is going to be alright ". I mean they were not named guardian angels out of no meaning? Please subscribe and write something bellow. Thank you for reading my story.


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TheSilhouett3 (6 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-17)
I have had experiences like your brother, but I wasn't scared and because of that... The demon didn't come back.
I hope your brother is well now!:)
He should learn to be fearless of this thing, because it can only feed off his fear and harm him that way. He should also spend time with nature, I find that helps when I'm recovering from an attack. Gardening especially, is very therapeutic.
Joni437 (guest)
10 years ago (2013-11-17)
Hi Kristina,

After reading what you have, all I can think to tell you is that love is the cure all to the nasties that come up. Even so impressive, that we are to send forgiveness to them for the nasty things that are said or done. Some how get your brother to do all things through love, even so volunteer in helping others that way his vibration is on a higher level. Make sure that he stays away from dark talk, dark movies, sinister things of the sort... Try to get him to just do everything that makes him happy... Tell him to join any kind of group that supports well-being, get a puppy, all of it, whatever it takes to heighten his happiness.

In all things good, through love, in love, with love, an no harm to none, I declare this entity that bothers your brother to be gone entirely and for a replacement to come in, one from goodness.

Love, joni

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