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Bad Vibes From Close Friend


I need help. I have been having problems with an old friend of mine for a while now and no matter how I try to shake it off, I can't deny that she has been giving off a lot of bad vibes.

Well my friend has been having a lot of problems, and being an empath, I am drawn to helping out, so I did and everything was normal until about a year ago when I started feeling bad, really bad energy coming from her. Whenever I get close to her, I can feel this buzzing energy around her and it makes me want to get away from her as fast as possible. And when she touches me when she talks, I can feel the buzzing linger on me and I just have to physically shake it off or rub it out on some cloth. Another thing that I realized was after hanging out with her, I will be listless for a few days until I get my energy back.

I don't know if this effects other people and I have taken to using shields around her. But recently I think things have gotten worse. She would come up to me when we are out with friends and lean on me. And I just know that she has yet another thing going on and wants to be comforted. I know I should help her, but I also know that it is not working and will just suck up my energy.

I feel kind of bad, but what can I do? I have to protect myself, so I don't give into her. Now, she has started to grab my shoulders in a possessive and touching my neck out of the blue. I don't know if she has any psychic abilities, we never talk about it. But I have wondered if she could be a psychic vampire. Does she even what she is doing?

What should I do? Am I just imagining all this?

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GeMiNiii (2 stories) (10 posts)
11 years ago (2012-05-11)
I have a friend that is exactly like that and I feel very bad about it since I have been her friend since we were young children. You are probably being sucked dry of her energy and I get the same exact buzzing feeling deep in my stomach like you do. I think that feeling is that shes sucking your energy dry.
Best thing I recommend is that you clean your spirit and try to preserve your energy around her as much as possible. Don't let her take anymore
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-05)
Talk to her first. If she is a vamp then you need to protect yourself. (But, most energy vamps do not need to touch the shoulders or neck)
Also, it may be that you have a very strong & comforting aura. You can naturally make people around you feel safe and comforted. Or, maybe you are unknowingly healing her and become depleted of your energy after helping her. That buzzing energy around her may be the sickness or problem in her aura. You must learn to clean your aura after spending time with her if that is the case. So, of course she will want to be very close to you. And, you may also be a empath who is feeling what she is going through.
Hope this helps.
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-05)
Maybe you should have a talk with her and ask her if she realizes what she is doing to you whenever she is near you.
You haven't asked her if she is a psychic vampire so it's possible She knows what she is doing since she has been grabbing your shoulders and touching your neck.
It also possible she doesn't what she is doing or that she could be a psychic vampire.
When she is with you she feels comforted around you and that will make her want to be around you even more and since she has already taken some of your energy before she will be back for more.
If you can't handle being around her then maybe you should not have any contact with her.
Since you have tried using shields maybe you can try something I do when ever my empathy gets out of hand I imagine a bubble made out of a pure white light surrounding me and protecting me. It helps a lot and prevents anything from oustide to come in.
Good luck

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