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It Happened Again


It's early in the morning and I just got to work. It feels really strange. My body still feels numb. I'm sure most of you have already heard plenty of stories and mine will just be another event that cannot be explained. So I'll just get to it before I bore you. About a month ago, I went through my daily routine. I put my two girls to bed and kissed my wife good night. My six year old daughter comes to our bed from time to time in the middle of the night to look for us and joins us in our bed. I honestly didn't mind, but I knew that as a parent she must sleep in her own bed. So I just carried her back into her bed once she fell asleep in ours. So around 2am even though I was asleep, I always expected her to come by. When you're a parent it's like you become more sensitive and can easily wake up to make sure your kids are okay.

So about a month ago I was asleep and there again in the middle of my sleep I felt my daughter standing beside me, but this time I didn't speak to her, I just opened my eyes and reach out to her, but it wasn't her. I can honestly tell you that it was a complete shocked to me. As I was reaching out, I saw a floating image of a old woman. The image itself was kind of like a white smoke and a bit glowing. She smiled at me and it almost seemed like she wasn't expecting me to suddenly wake up and see her. She smiled and looked at me like she was sorry and tilt her head to the side as her image started to disappeared.

I just laid still to see if what just had happened was actually a dream or real. But it was real, 'cause I couldn't go back to sleep. I stayed still for a moment a bit confused. In my petrified stage, I decide to wake up my wife very slowly I called out for her and told her what just happened. We prayed together and that was it. We went back to bed, but I knew that it might just happened again. I just wished it just happened to me and not my babies or my wife.

I'm now 33 years old. And maybe I should just quickly mentioned a strong experienced I lived when I was 10 years old. I was intensively visited by an entity in my room. I was just a kid and couldn't explain what was happening. Even though I told everyone in my family, my parents, my older brother and sister. They didn't believe me at first so I decided to keep everything to myself. It got worst and worst as the time went by. I was being tormented by a dark being with glowing eyes. Who always coming to me in the middle of the night and stand next to me as I drew or slept. I don't want to go in details this story is for another post. But ever since that strong and long experience, I've became somehow sensitive to feel or sense non-human presence. I have a few other stories but nothing like the one that just happened last night.

So it happened again, I was already sleeping and somehow I woke up since I thought I felt my daughter. I opened my eyes, but this time I didn't moved. And there it was again. The glowing and smoky image that this time it dissipated in the air much quicker than a month ago. I laid still and closed my eyes pretending to ignore it this time. I opened my eyes and there was nothing there. As I was closing my eyes, I started to feel that something was actually laying next to me. It slowly reached out to my left leg. I felt the heavy presence next my feet. Then I started to feel that it gradually was holding but almost caressing my leg, and I felt my other leg being pressed down too. I had my hands and arms up over my head. Then I felt my hands and arms like they were being hold down. I couldn't moved. I couldn't speak. I couldn't feel my arms and legs. Then I felt my chest being pressed down and then my face was being caressed and then I felt my face a bit numb. And that was when I decided to fight back cause it was getting too intense. My decision to see how far this will go, had actually put me unexpectedly in a helpless situation. I struggle for a moment to be able to speak to call out for my wife. I couldn't move, so I decided to called for my wife. She finally woke up and I could barely asked her to help me. I had some trouble in speaking. It was too dark, so she couldn't see my face expression. I told her to quickly grab my legs. They felt so heavy but at the same time numb. It's so hard to explain. She lifted both my feet and touched my arms and hands. And slowly I felt that body was slowly coming back to it's normal stage. That's when I realized that I wasn't just being held down. I actually felt my body being slowly possessed or taking over. To the point that I had no control what so ever.

I slowly gain control and sat up and started to thank her for helping me gain strength and control my body. She didn't know what I was talking about at first and then I told her what just had happened. This time I reached out for the bible and did some prayers together. But I still felt that we weren't alone. I ignored it and I was able to get back to sleep.

I woke up a bit strange this morning, my body feels a bit heavy. And I have a bit pain on my right side of my neck. I'm at work now. I decided to search for similar stories. And I found this website. So here I am, telling my insane and unexplained story. But it really happened.

Thank you for reading.

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jnekerouac (3 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-05)
I've totally had this happen before, and quite frankly it scared the bejesus out of me. I awoke to a middle aged couple beside my bed who I sensed wanted my help, but they were also nervous and I could tell they felt bad for waking me up. I immediately told them to leave, and they did. I don't allow spirits in my bedroom. I need it to be the place where I sleep, and believe me they love waking you up. I've been told you're more likely to have an experience right before you fall asleep or mid-sleep because your body is the most relaxed. With intent, you can disallow anything into your bedroom or wherever else. I have some ghosts in my house that test the rules every so often, but all I have to do is tell them they aren't allowed in my room and they leave.

As for the woman you saw, maybe you know someone who knew her in life? I have a sneaking suspicion that I know who my couple was even though I never met them in life. I'm still waiting to confirm it though.

I think that once a spirit knows you can act as a liaison between worlds they may seek you out to relay a message to someone living who they can't get through to. It can be annoying at times, but put limits on it. If you're interested in helping some of them convey messages, set "office hours" and only allow yourself to be open to it during those times.

Many times I get upset because the spirits never seem to respect the fact that I have a job I must attend daily, I have other responsibilities, and I also need my me time - my alone time - they sometimes seem to encroach on it. I truly believe this is a wonderful gift to have, but you have to set boundaries with the spirits just like you would anyone with a body. You owe that to yourself.

Good luck!


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