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Why This Again?


I made this account when I was 15 because I needed explanations on what's going on. I have learned to move on and just ignore some things that are happening or to accept some.

I don't remember exactly when I have stopped having weird dreams, seeing things, and feeling like someone is with me. It must be around late high school or early college. I still can feel how everybody else feels and am capable now of distinguishing my own emotions from others and minimizing other people's influence especially when it is negative. I have gotten back in being fully religious even when I was still having experiences (but not extreme).

Currently, I am 22 years old. I thought the things mentioned above just go away with age. However, for some reason I am seeing things again. It is uncontrolled and random. It happens when I am not expecting it. I have dismissed experiences such as reflection of light somewhere, something scientific that I just missed. Or my imagination.

Tonight I am drawing the line. I saw a person at the same area where I saw a person the other night. I actually forgot that I saw something similar so recently because like I said, I dismiss it. I only recalled now that I am typing. I moved to a house on a cul-de-sac. Both times the person appeared outside in front of my neighbor's house.

The other night, it was next to their mailbox and was a shadow figure. Tonight it was farther out the street and was clearer. I saw this figure with color. The skin color was peach. Not a pale person more on the warm side but not too tan. It was not defined as I would be sure there was a person 100% in that case and run. I convinced myself nobody was there and went home.

In reality I am scared. This is the clearest thing I have ever seen. I have seen full figure shadows move before shaped like a person. I have never seen a colored one.

In addition, (might be completely unrelated) there were sounds of an animal in pain for 2 minutes straight. Squirming and high pitched. It has stopped not but my cat is still looking outside from the window. This happened as I was typing this when I got in my room. I even paused in writing this to ask my tenant if there are foxes around (I saw one before and she did too).

Overall, I just do not know why I was completely peaceful for awhile and then it comes back. Has this happened to you or someone else?

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Berellic (54 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-01)
[at] violet13, we can never truly lie to ourselves. It seems like your level of spiritual connection from the past has become active again but it has always been there. It seems like these experiences are only happening because your energy is becoming more active lately for whatever reason. But you need to gain control and not fear because your very own energy is what can protect you and keep you safe from anything harmful. You need to will your courage and strength together with your energy and tell these shadow figures to back off and that you are not ready to help the souls that may be coming to you for help until you are ready.

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