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Hi, I'm A Closet Psychic


I have been reading the many stories and experiences on this site and I am so grateful that this site exist as it confirms that I am not "crazy" and there are many like me out there.

Over this last few years I have been undergoing changes and have begun to notice this new power emerging that I have no control over.

1.I have this knowing of things. Like stepping into someones home and knowing specific things about what goes on that no one told me. I just knew. Its like a voice whispering it to me in my head.

2.There was also this time that I was about to enter this hotel room for the first time and this voice right by my right ear said "This is going to be so bad." And I just knew someone was trying to warn me that the room was bad. True enough, when I stepped into the room, it reeked of bad vibes. I felt that something bad was going to happen if I stayed there that night. Needless to say, I changed rooms.

3.I also had encounters with spirits. Most of the time I just sense their presence. But there was this one time a shadow thing tried to attack me in my sleep.

4.I am also an empath. I have always read people really well. But nowadays I think I might have been soaking up on peoples emotions without knowing it. Have been avoiding crowds and throwing up shields since.

5.Praying used to be a one way conversation and now I get answers, but only to heartfelt prayers of course. Its like I ask a question and I get this answer delivered to my brain. Not sure how to explain it but its like its a part of my consciousness, a knowing.

Have been doing a lot of reading on all things psychic and I remembered that I used to see shadows out of the corner of my eyes, being scared of particular places, having my name called out by no one and seeing colored specks at night when I was a kid. I guess all these gifts has suddenly decided to get stronger.

My mom and sis have psychic abilities too. But none of my friends seem to have it and I am not comfortable telling them about it. Really hope to have friends who have these gifts.

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jatashi (1 stories) (57 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-23)
to sunbeam13 my friend has seen those white orbs in the day time it was also going to rain
He asked me if I could see it but I told him no
Tortilla (42 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-22)
Truevine11 get your story straight. In another post you said you are 13 years old.
truevine11 (6 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-21)
im only 11 and I see and I would see shadows at the corner of my eye to and when go go to bed I would se colord specks too my best friends see it too and I can sence when there's a ghost close by I would have this feeling like theirs butter flys in my somach however you spell it I would want to help the ghost but I don't know how
Tortilla (42 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-21)
Hello, I'm a former closet psychic. Last year I made it a point to start being more open with people about being psychic and boy did that open the flood gates. From personal point of view I found that once I embraced being a psychic and started being open with people about it, it really freed me up inside. I'm not saying I yell it to the world, but with friends I test the waters to see how open they are to the subject and then that's how I base how much I share with them. I have one friend that I need to remind every once in a while that I am not a magic 8 ball. Some times you can be surprised and find out one of your friends is a closet psychic too. If they are your real friends they will accept you 3rd eye and all. 😊

Zilla (38 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-20)
Yeah,this is very interesting... Is there any way you can possibly describe it with more detail? And are these lights 24/7? Or do they come and go? Also, Do you see them the same in all types of light conditions? Would be very cool if you could draw a picture but I wouldn't want to bother you that much lol. Anyways, very interesting
SkyRealm (5 stories) (65 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-20)
[at] Sunbeam13 Thanks! Much apprecciated, and will do! My lights are lots of them, like little balls floating about... Wonder if it is my mind, or energy... Hummm
starboy138 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-18)
You don't have to come out of the closet just yet. In fact sometimes, keeping your abilities a secret can enable you to further hone them over time. There are a lot of exercises and techniques that you can do on your own that can polish your innate psychic abilities. When you become an expert in time, you can be more confident and be less afraid and anxious to finally tell people of your abilities.

For the mean time, just keep researching about psychics and learn techniques online. There are a lot of relevant resources online. You can start by reading some articles in
sunbeam13 (2 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-16)

So happy that you get me! I have tried ignoring it, questioning it, finding out more information about it and now I am trying to get better at it. But I am still keeping it to myself as I don't want to freak people out.

You have more encounters than me that's for sure 😁 I mainly sense their presence rather than seeing them since I am really afraid to see them. I just know that if I allow it to happen, I would. I have only seen twice. One was a transparent black blob man thing, like the servants of the wicked witch in Spirited Away and another was a beautiful lady spirit but she was filled with anger and vengeance. Both kind of tried to attack me, so you see, I am kind of still scared and freaked out about this.

Have any of them tried to harm you?
sunbeam13 (2 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-16)

The lights at night. Apparently its normal if its just tiny bits. But according to what I read at another website, if they are balls of light then it could be energy. But I am not sure. Still trying to understand it.

About the shadows and places you don't like, my advice is trust your intuition. It is always right. If you don't feel good about something, leave the place or say a prayer or put up protection. Take care.
sunbeam13 (2 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-16)

I can agree with how you explained things. I guess I was a normal kid with a very active imagination. Really happy to know that seeing specks of color when its dark is a normal thing. I never knew others see it too. But I do see white lights flying all over the sky. They move in all directions and seem to be there all the time. Do you know what they are? I tried concentrating on one to change its movement but it does not seem to work.
littletori (2 stories) (9 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-16)
Oh my gosh I felt like I was reading something I had written! Lol... I am a closet psychic too (except for on here)... It is my true release! All I can say is it is a part of you that gets very hard to conceal. I have tried ignoring it, questioning myself, and even keeping it to myself... It is just very hard to do. I am and always try to be the non paranormal explanation gal too... But how long can I pretend to be who I'm not? Lol

I was at a restaurant the other day across from me was a lady and her son. AS SOON AS I LOOKED AT THEM I started to bawl uncontrollably, more so the mother. I knew her husband had just recently died, and I could physically and emotionally feel her pain. It was horrible, and the worst part is was I could not control it. My poor husband what he goes through. 😆

I am pretty much amateur, but I am getting better when I concentrate. I have had so many stories, it would take me days to tell you... Which I am sure you can relate.

When you see spirits what do they look like to you? Each time I have seen a spirit he has looked as real as you and me. I have even been physically touched many times by them. It is funny because a person I know does not really believe in "that sort of stuff", as elegantly as she said... And she said "even if they exist who cares it isn't like they can touch you." OMG hahahaha I have been touched SO many times, and the one was VERY hard. Once I was able to (my grandfather) feel the suit top he was wearing. I know this isn't the case all the time, and I am not quite sure why it has happened some of the times.

I recently went to visit a battlefield in may. My husband and I were on the battlefield around 8 o'clock PM when I seen a man in a in a uniform. He looked as real as you and me. He was the only man I seen, so I snapped a picture, and in the picture although very evident, he is translucent.

My Diagnosis of your situation:

I do not think you are crazy at all, from what it sounds like you are very intelligent and lucid. Just make sure you get support (from here) and ask questions. Most of the people on here are wonderful, and full of knowledge.

PS: I am so sorry if this response is sloppy and everywhere I am in a rush... But knew I had to write!~
SkyRealm (5 stories) (65 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-16)
One thing caught my attention.
"shadows out of the corner of my eyes, being scared of particular places, having my name called out by no one and seeing colored specks at night"
I always thought that was normal, like seeing colourful lights at night. I thought it was just an eye thing, since I was like...born, I have been seeing all kinds of sparky things at night. Not exacly light, just dots of... Bold colours.=S
I see lots of shadows, but think there just my imagination... Should I pay more attention. There was once when I was studdying, and something like a birds shaow flew at me. I really thought there was a bird, but then I realized there's no way a bird could get into my hall on the first floor when the windows are shut and have grills on them... I put it off on my imagination.
I am scared of certain places, and drawn to others. I'm drawn to the places that scares me sometimes, which is apparently not at all good for me.
I do pray and I get answers sometimes, when I'm very very sad or really in need of help. I think I get what you mean by "downloaded into our brain" Its not like you hear it, but you... Hear it. Like in your head all of a sudden, something you haven't thought. I used to put that up to an active imagination too, cause I used to have an imaginary friend as a kid, whod talk to me like that. My poarents were all suportive then, cause kids can have imaginary friends, except,...well...I didn't speek for him...sometimes. So it became confusing to differentiat my own voice and others... I'm getting the hang of things now!
Any advice for me? Can you tell me what the coloured lights actually are? And any genuine advice?
Zilla (38 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-15)
Shadows on corner of your eyes, Very Common and I would not deem it super natural. Many peoples peripheral vision is quite blurry and once you pick up an object, it can appear as a shadow. Also, There are things called " eye floaters " Inside your eye that also make it seem like you see a shadow, because the floaters move as your eye does, again, pretty common.

Having a general sense of your surroundings is a natural skill that humans have evolved with for thousands of years. It keeps us alive and out of danger, some people are more Aware than others. Again, pretty normal.

Having a sense of someones personality is also a trait one learns from child birth, through our experiences and contacts with other people, our brains learn to interpret people behaviors, body language,voice, and appearance. Our brains use this to deem the person we are interacting with " Safe " Or " Un safe " This is a normal thought process and it varies from individual to individual, It's what keeps us alive.

Seeing specks of colors in absence of light, This seems to be very common among small children. Causes could be migraines, and possible eye problems. How large were the dots of light you would see? If they were very very very tiny like static, then that's normal and nothing health threatening. Its like when you see colors when you close your eyes. I think I have a way of telling whether these are infact " Orbs " rather than an eye condition. If the " Orbs " or dots of light move with your eyes, then that's probably an eye condition. If the orbs seem to move involuntary of your own eye movement then they may be genuine. Or if you look away and then look back and it appears in the same spot, that could be genuine.

Anyways, that's my 2 cents. And I could be totally wrong about all of this, but usually things have a non paranormal explanation. Take care!

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